Watch: Expiry Date Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Expiry Date Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

Cast: Sneha Ullal, Madhushalini, Tony Luka, Ali Reza, and others

Director: Shankar Marthand

Producer: Sarath Marar

Music Director: Anup Rubens

Editor: Arun

3Movierulz Rating: 3.25/5

During this lockdown, the series of web series reviewing with movies continues Today's series is the 'Expiry Date'. Directed by Shankar Marthand. The film is available in 'Zee5'. Let's see how this film is in the review

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Viswa (Tony Luca) is a rich person. His wife Disha (Sneha Ullal) loves to die. However, Vishwa catches them while spending close contact with Disha and Sunny (Ali Reza). It gives a big shock to the universe. Vishwa saintly plans to kill his wife. But Disha accidentally dies in his hands before he plans it. He tries to hide the murder. After some of the incidents that followed, he goes to the police and complains that his wife is missing. Another woman, Nisha (Madhu Shalini), came to the police and complained that her husband, Sonny, was missing. That gives another shock to the universe. The rest of the story is how the police dealt with this tricky case.

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What's good:

The story is simple, but the way director Shankar Marthand explains it is very good. Especially the screenplay is very good. The play is going on interestingly without diverting the attention of the audience until the last episode. The background, the production values, and the story of the story are also good. Tony Luca played a very good role. and tried to impress with his performance. Madhushala, who has been looking for a good role for a long time, has acted as a superb.

As a tense woman who committed the crime, she impressed the audience very much. Especially in three episodes, she has shown her emotions. Ali Reza also got a good negative role. He also acted well. He has proved that he has the ability to do a variety of roles. Bharat Reddy's performance as a policeman is amazing. He has a very good screen space. For the role of a cheating wife

Sneha Ullal has done justice to the perfect. The camerawork, BGM, and visuals elevated the visuals of Hyderabad are well-displayed.

What's not good:

The series went fast without lag until the last two episodes. But the makers should end with eight episodes, but without any reason, many things have been unnecessarily expanded and lag. It is not clear what happened in the last episode and how the case ended. Even though a twist is finally revealed, it is not strong. The series dubbing is worse. The first one will be slow after the series that started in a very gripping play. The konni scenes that have taken a lot of time are also not liked.


Overall, Experie Date is a crime thriller, which is interesting with a very gripping screenplay. Although the story was initially straightforward, a little in the middle, the way the director described the series is very attractive. As well as the actors have good performances, attractive scenes and the simple play of each episode has been a plus for this series. This series can be seen as happy.


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