Watch: Bad Boy Billionaires India Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Bad Boy Billionaires India Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

Based on: Vijay Mallya, Subrata Roy, Nirav Modi

Director: Dylan Mohan Gray, Johanna Hamilton

Producer: Reva Sharma, Francis Bradhurst

Music Director: Nainital Desai

Editing: Dominic Koke

The latest documentary series bad boy billionaires - India is the latest documentary series we have chosen today in order to continue with reviews of several films and series during this lockdown. Let's review how this documentary series is available on Netflix.

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Many giant streaming companies around the world are bringing such documentaries to the international level. Now, the famous businessmen of our country are based on scams made by Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi as well as Subrata Roy. Each of them has a separate one hour. How did they come and how did they cheat governments and people? That is the original essence of this documentary.

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What's good?

The first episode of this documentary is interesting from the beginning of the big whale Vijay Mallya. Mallya was born from a wealthy family but how did he grow up and his ideology was. How he founded and led Kingfisher along with points like how high his thought spearheaded on drinking alcohol. Moreover, how did he come to the airlines and it went into losses and even his staff could not pay salaries, as well as how Mallya entered Formula 1, many of his things were shown with a lot of gripping visuals.

If the second episode comes, another big fish will come on Nirav Modi. The episodes of how a small diamond merchant from Gujarat grew up as a big businessman in the world in the same field, how he has established the world's largest diamond stores in the Punjab national bank. His relatives, reporters, and bank employees are also interesting to see the drama around them. Above all, the way Nirav Modi fled abroad and who was behind it seems to be more interesting.

Coming to the third episode, Saharasri Subrata Roy came with a small chit fund company and became a rich man in the country. How the common people have made money and established an empire with them, and how the chit fund company started the sequences seem to be very engaging. How Subrata Roy became a god in people with his selfish thoughts, how he went to jail, and many things were shown very well.

Image Credit: Netflix's Movie Bad Boy Billionaires India

Very bad?

The three episodes shown in this documentary seem to be very simple to show the backdrop shown on the people in them. The general audience may not understand much as these key elements are not shown in detail. The makers would be better off taking more care of this matter.

Image Credit: Netflix's Movie Bad Boy Billionaires India

Last word:

In a whole way, these Bad Boy Billionaires - India Documentary Web Series how the huge scam whales of our country have been Cheating by the government. These are all interesting events in their lives. The selection of this series on Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Subrata Roy is good attention. The documentary on lamp strips of how the three of these three have Cheated in the country's economy and society is definitely a good option to watch.


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