Milla Jovovich vs. Giant Beasts in Two Long Trailers for 'Monster Hunter' - 3Movierulz

copyrightMilla Jovovich vs. Giant Beasts in Two Long Trailers for 'Monster Hunter' - 3Movierulz

After the first short teaser for "Monster Hunter" hasn't shown too much, the long trailer now offers much more impressions of the creatures and how close they come to their appearance in the video game template.

"Resident Evil" director Paul W.S. Anderson also takes the underlying video game series as a loose inspiration in his "Monster Hunter" filming and knits a very own story about it. But with THE central element that matters in an adaptation of the brand, he wants to stick very closely to the template: the monsters themselves.

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The appearance and movement of the giant creatures that Lieutenant Artemis's special unit (Milla Jovovich) is dealing with after the involuntary journey to another world have been closely recreated by their game counterparts (although Anderson seems to have made them a little bigger). According to his own statement, the filmmaker has agreed on the design down to the smallest detail with the game developers who were actively involved in the design process.


The above trailer offers an action-packed impression of the result with particularly popular dragon-like monsters like Diablos and Rathalos. The whole monster spectacle will soon be on the big screen:

After initially saying that "Monster Hunter" will be postponed until 2021, the film is now scheduled to start in German cinemas on December 3, 2020 – even if that can of course change again and again with the current Corona location. 

In addition to the above trailer, a second one has also been released, which provides a few more information about the plot and shows a little more of martial arts expert Tony Jaa and his mysterious character Hunter:


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