Watch: Nishabdham Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Nishabdham Full Movie Review And Rating In 3Movierulz

Release Date: October 2nd,2020 Rating:2.5/5

Lead Cast: Anushka, Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, and others

Director: Hemant Madhukar

Producers: TG Vishwa Prasad, Kona Venkat

Author: Kona Venkat, Hemant Madhukar.

Music Director: Gopi Sundar, Girish

Star heroine Anushka is the lead role in the film 'Nishabdham'. Today, Amazon Prime Video has been released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and English languages worldwide. Directed by Hemant Madhukar, the film was produced by TG Vishwa Prasad and Kona Venkat on the People Media Factory banner at Kona Film Corporation Association. Let's go to the review and see how much the audience has been impressed

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Anushka (Sakshi) and Sonali (Shalini Pandey) are both best friends. Anushka's father is the orphan school that grows together. Both cannot leave each other. But Sonali is not able to tolerate Antony (Madhavan) coming into the life of the witness. After some dramatic events, Sonali misses and Antony is murdered by someone. What happened with Maha (Anjali) in the team investigating Antony murder case? How many attempts she made to find out what the relationship between the missing case of girls and Antony murder case. Who killed Antony? Why did you kill? Who are the reasons for missing the girls? What happened to Sonali? To know such things, this movie should be seen.

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Plus Points:

The horror thriller with a different concept is impressive in the main sequence. Anushka has done a great job in the role of Sakshi. The witness does not hear, not see, and the role of Anushka is very admirable. Anushka has learned the American sign language for this role and gave a better performance. Her performance in some of the critical scenes is a special attraction for the film. Anushka's gestures are very good in some horror and emotional scenes.

The chemistry between Madhavan and Anushka and the shades of Anushka's character have been a plus for the film. Madhavan, who played the key male lead in the film, has done justice to his role. The rest of the actors who appeared in other roles, including Shalini Pandey, Anjali, Hollywood actor Michael Madison, Subba Raju, all played an important role. Hollywood actor Michael Madison has come to the international dream of the film. Most of the film has also increased the level of the film in beautiful locations in the US.

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Minus Points:

The main point and play in the film are very impressive Some scenes are boring in the middle. As well as elevating the characters' points of view, the director feels that some of the scenes are better in some places. Also, some scenes are slow, and some scenes are missing the interest.

And the interest is missing in the main plot and the logic in the police track is very cinematic. Such a suspense emotion thriller should not have been written in such a silly treatment. Some lead scenes are all confused and the film is somewhat disappointed with no comedy for relief. Anushka and Shalini's emotional bonding is well elevated If Shalini's characterization was stronger, the main revenge drama in the film would have been better.

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Technical Department:

If you talk about technicians Cinematography is highlighted in this film.

Especially in horror scenes, the cameraman showed the mood in the scene with his camera angles. The background music provided by Girish is also excellent. Editing is also good. Production values are impressive. Director Hemant has taken a good story. But if he had taken the film in view of all the classes of the audience, the film would have been commercially different.

Amazon Prime Video, Nishabdham

Verdict :

This horror-thriller is a different story It seems to be an introduction with some impressive suspense scenes and some thrilling elements. But some scenes in the film are boring before the first The commercial elements are not very big and the film results have been damaged. Anushka's excellent performance and Hemant's directional performance also increased the film level. The film is liked by those who love the overall thriller movies. But the film does not appeal to all the other classes of viewers.


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