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copyrightAnushka Shettys Gives Yoga Tips To Challenge Coronavirus In Nishabdham Promotion - 3Movierulz

 The atmosphere of the coronavirus is causing the atmosphere to be closed and the film audience feels that the entertainment is away. In such situations, movies are being released by OTT to entertain and distribute diversity to the audience. Already many films are impressed by the release of the OTT. 

Anushka Shetty star Nishabdham is coming to the audience worldwide on October 2. Produced jointly by People's Media Factory and Kona Films Corporation, Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madsen, Shalini Pandey, and Subba Raju starred. Anushka Shetty, a yoga teacher, reveals about the film and his personal matters

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The importance of yoga during the corona is like this. If I say that coronavirus can be prevented by yoga, it will be wrong. But yoga practice works not only for the body but also for mental health. Organs, the internal part of the body, the nervous system, etc. make the body rich in many ways. Anushka says that it controls not only physical and mental but also emotional.

Respiratory problems are the key to yoga practice in Kovid 19 conditions. Because covid patients are particularly vulnerable to breathing problems. In such cases, yoga can be relieved of the disease if you do breathing excisions. Anushka Shetty said that yoga needs to be done for one hour every day, not in the days of Covid.

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It is wrong to think that yoga is not only in the Covid situation but in the corona conditions. Because today we saw Kovid. There may be another danger in the future. So yoga is always to be done. Physically and mentally perfect The body should be prepared to face any disaster. Yoga improves the breathing process. The lungs will become stronger, says Anushka.

Yoga has the power to control human emotions in any case, check for physical and mental disorders with yoga. So practice yoga continuously. Yoga will be mentally and physically prosperous. I have told you many times, in a lot of interviews, what is the power of yoga. In the present situation, everyone has seen a growing awareness of yoga. It is useful for good health.

Nishabdham is powerful and Anushka speaks about the film Salines as a powerful weapon. You will see it on the screen. Success is not the thing we can determine. I liked the story. The unit and producers have worked hard to make the film like the audience. Anushka Shetty says everyone in our unit has the feeling that we are giving a good picture to people in adverse situations across the country.


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