Tenet flies to 6 Weeks from the top of the US box office and is still a flop - 3Movierulz

copyrightTenet flies to 6 Weeks from the top of the US box office and is still a flop - 3Movierulz

Since its launch in early September, Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" ranked No 1 in the US – but in Corona times this is far from a hit. In addition, the triumphal march is now over: "The War with Grandpa" leads the weekend charts.

If a film is undisputedly at the top of the US cinema charts for a full six weeks, then this can only be a huge success – at least before Corona, there would have been little doubt about it. In 2020, however, the situation will be somewhat different.

"Tenet" has been at the top of the U.S. cinema charts week after week since its U.S. movie theater release on September 3. And yet the film now stands in the US with a meager record of just 48.3 million dollars. Last weekend, for the first time, a film brought in more:

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The new family comedy "The War with Grandpa" knocked Christopher Nolan's thriller off the charts last weekend.


In "The War with Grandpa", Robert De Niro moves in with his family after the death of his wife, who from then on wants to take care of him. His grandson (Oakes Fegley) has no joy with this, however, because his grandpa is now supposed to get his beloved room. That means war! And last weekend he brought the most money to the U.S. box office:

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"The War with Grandpa" grossed 3.6 million dollars on its opening weekend, and "Tenet" grossed 1.1 million dollars last weekend.

In this country, the family film fun, which was also known to Uma Thurman and Christopher Walken, did not even come to the cinemas, but directly to the home cinema. Since September 10, 2020, you can watch "The War with Grandpa" on DVD, Blu-ray, and as a stream comfortably at home.


The time travel thriller by Christopher Nolan, who according to the director is not one at all, continues to collect millions week after week, but is still far from being a hit – or even writing black numbers.

"Tenet" has so far made 323.3 million dollars worldwide. The pure production costs of an estimated 200 million dollars are thus included. U.S. industry magazines, however, say that "Tenet" needs to raise at least 400 million dollars to avoid a loss in the end. To talk about a win, even more, has to come around.


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