Watch: Android Kattappa Version 5.25 Movie Review and Rating - 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Android Kattappa Version 5.25 Movie Review and Rating - 3Movierulz

Star Cast: Saubin Sahir, Suraj Venjaramudu, Kendy Zairdo, Suraj Thailakkadu, Mala Parvati

Director: Ratish Balakrishnan Poduval

If all the cinema industries are frozen during the lockdown period Only the Malayalam film industry was heavily buzzed. Films like Trance and C U soon have been released by OTT and impressed the audience. Android Kunjapan, a recent Malayalam film that has gained popularity, has been translated into Android Katappa and released through the Aha app. To know how the film is, you have to know the story and stories...

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Android Katappa Story 

Bhaskara Rao (Suraj Venjara), who has communist ideas and the upper caste, continues to old age alone after the death of his wife. He has a son who reads engineering, Subramaniam (Saubin Shahir). In order to go abroad for his career, he set up aya for his father and goes to Russia. The father's chasteness is not tolerated and the Ayala leaves. In this order, the robot Katappa is brought for a father from Russia.

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Twists in Android Cuttappa 

How did Bhaskara Rao's life journey with Robot Kattappa? Has The Robot Endured The Bhaskara Rao Chadasa? How did Bhaskara Rao have an inseparable bond with Robot Kattappa? Why did The Son Subramaniam want to separate Robot Kattappa from Bhaskara Rao? The story of Android Kattappa version 2.25 is the answer to the questions about how Bhaskara Rao has been able to leave the robot.

Android Katappa Analysis 

What suffering will be in the last part of the society with regard to the lives of the elderly? For years there has been a discussion on how loneliness can hurt if the wife and children are separated. Director Ratish Balakrishnan has done a great job of adding human relations and bonds to such an emotional point. A man who does not love people How the robot in any emotions is more than life is emotional for the viewer in the film. The director has created Bhaskara Rao's emotions, habits, and behavior in the first half of the film. But in the second half, the story goes to another level of touching the point that such a man has a great love heart.

Image Credit: Aha's Movie Android Kattappa Version 5.25

Strong elements in Android Cutappa 

In the second half, the director of the robot around, Rathish Balakrishnan's story is impressive. The story of the film that appears to be on a snail's walk in the first half The emotional speed increases when it comes to the second half. There are elements that are imbecile in the story and a feel-good factor starts in the audience. The director succeeded in screening the scenes in the climax to touch the audience's heart. The scene of the film at the beginning of the film, some scenes in the climax touch the heart. Father's son relationships, Bhaskara Rao's love story is also a feel good.

Suraj in the role of Bhaskara Rao 

Suraj Venjara is in the role of old Bhaskara Rao. He succeeded in performing an emotional performance that could not be said. The character of many variations is very easy to feel with his performance. Malayalam actor Saubin played the role of a son. He has acted as a computer software expert in robot technology. He was impressed with his performance as a son who was mad for his father. In some scenes associated with the role of the father, he has acted brilliantly.

The rest of the characters are actors 

Suraj Telakkadu played the role of Robot. He impressed with the role of the robot. The main attraction of the film is the role of the robot. The audience is sure to impress the audience. In Russia, Subramaniam's girlfriend was starred by Actress Kendy Zirdo of Arunachal Pradesh. Kendy Zirdo appeared in the role of China's young woman Hitomi. Father Andhravasi, mother of China was impressed by the role of a young woman born in China. It is also a good thing to talk to the character in Telugu for the sake of the story. The rest of the characters are also impressive.

Performance of technical departments 

If the technical departments come to the performance Sanu Varghese captured his cameras in the most natural environment to suit the emotional story and the film backdrop. Cinematography is a major attraction for the film. Music by Bijibal has brought some scenes to life. Scenes shot in Russia are impressive.


When it comes to Android Kattappa No hangings and no skin It is just a picture of human relationships and relationships. Love does not require a man who has a life. The story goes on with the main point that the man who loves to touch the heart is not okay. The director showed the way life would be with robots in the technology era. Telugu nativity shortage, the story of the unfamiliar actors, has become somewhat negative, but the story is corrected. The film will surely be liked by those who are interested in the emotional and family stories.


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