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copyrightTenet: The theory that gives new meaning to Robert Pattinson's character - 3Movierulz

The actor brings Neil to life in the new Christopher Nolan, starring John David Washington.

EYE, 'SPOILERS'! The following news contains Tenet's 'spoilers'. 

The new thing about Christopher Nolan has already reached the cinemas of Europe - Spain included - and Asia and, unsurprisingly, the theories of those who have already been able to see it have not been kept waiting. Like, for example, the one we're going to tell you next. It is one of the most widespread among fans of the director of Origin and gives new meaning to the character of Robert Pattinson in the film. 

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John David Washington is the protagonist of Tenet, an agent who in his new mission has the help of Neil, whom Pattinson brings to life. Gradually, as the film goes on, the viewer senses that the latter keeps a secret. Something that is discovered in the end and that turns out to be a fact caused by the concept of "Investment" introduced by Nolan's film: Neil has been going backward in time. This and other aspects of Pattinson's character have made some think that it might actually be Kat's son and Andrei Sator. "Who's Neil? Could it be Max?" writes a user on Twitter. 

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First, the full French name of Kat and Andrei's son is Maximilien. If you read it from back to front - something very in keeping with the theme of the film - the first three letters form "Neil." Pattinson also wears her hair dyed blond in the film, the same color as Max's. Finally, Neil has a strong British accent, and Kat and Andrei's son attends an elite school in London. 

Another element related to this theory is that, if true, it justifies the good relationship between Neil and the protagonist. As can be seen in Tenet's final scene, The Washington character remains in contact with Kat to protect her. Therefore, it is likely that he and Max have created a bond as Kat's son grows up, perhaps, becoming a father figure to him. 

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However, there is one element that threatens this theory. For example, Neil should have spent about a decade going back in time so that he and the protagonist could meet. On the other hand, it is also mentioned in the film that Neil works for an adult version of the Washington character, so it could become even plausible. 

But Max doesn't just star in this theory. There is also another pointing out that in the future he becomes Ives, the commander played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

Tenet has been raised for about $53 million after its premiere in part of Europe and Asia. The film also features a cast with Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy, Dimple Kapadia, and Himesh Patel. On these lines, don't miss the trailer.


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