Watch: Tenet Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Tenet Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Christopher Nolan is a director and screenwriter who always wants more. The word conformity does not seem to be in his personal dictionary and constantly seeks to leave the viewer baffled. With Tenet, the most anticipated film for a return to cinemas, goes a step further and as Clémence Poésy's character explains, you don't have to try to understand it, just feel it.

The choice of the word Tenet is not coincidental. It is a palindrome, a word that reads equally right as well as the other way around. Tenet, as a film, acts the same way. It's just another facet of the concept of time in Nolan's cinema. As already mentioned, even in the trailers, it is not a tape about time travel, but a thriller of espionage on its facade, which is really the point at which beings and objects that live time progressively converge with other beings and objects that do it regressively. Obviously, at some point, the ends touch and just those two and a half hours are Those of Tenet.

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Tenet is a peculiar tape, it's hard to talk about it... but in turn, it doesn't take too much to self-censorship not to get into spoilers. The trailers haven't taught much, but at the same time, they've made clear everything you need to understand. The film deepens, but its explanations vary between vague and the viewer's need to be a potential Sheldon Cooper to understand all the physical and metaphysical concepts the film introduces. Without exaggeration, it leaves the trio Memento, Origin, and Interstellar as simple films and easy to assimilate at their side. And that's what might be your problem.

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Is a filmmaker owed to his audience or to represent his vision of artistic work with purity? Nolan is loyal to Nolan. The sense of bewilderment with which you are going to leave the viewer is safe. We ourselves, at the end stretch, were attending spectacular action scenes that mix images in our temporal sense along with the inverse... but we weren't already understanding what was going on screen. And yet, we were drooling over the visual spectacle we were watching. Obviously, the montage and editing help the viewer to be freaking out with what he sees... although he also feels for moments that he is in the middle of a hallucinogenic journey in which he understands nothing, but he simply cannot fail to look Okhla plastic at what is shown on the screen.

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Beyond the spectacle and madness of these images, especially when they coincide in the same sequence, including certain melee struggles between progressive and regressive, when not out of the way, we find a truly formal film that lets you see the best of its four main protagonists, played by John David Washington And Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh. No, we have forgotten the name of the character of the protagonist, but it is precisely... The Protagonist.

John David Washington is in a recuperate in what is his key role in launching his own career and emerging from the wing of "son of". Pattinson is in one of those roles to silence his haters, Debicki is immeasurable and Branagh, despite forcing his accent, also knows how to give Nolan another role as in Dunkirk. Hell, if even high school like Aaron Taylor Johnson with little screen time are great. Even Michael Caine, in his umpteenth partnership with Nolan, is perfect in just 2 minutes of presence on the tape. The novelty would really be for Caine to do something wrong in her career, the truth...

Image Credit By Christopher Nolan's Tenet Movie

Nolan once again prefers to focus on the plot of his script, rather than on the work of characterization and character development. It gives us brushstrokes, great traits, but they are not anything less important pieces within the puzzle that puts us in front of us, a good indication of Tenet's priorities when it comes to characters versus narrative. In addition, its fast-paced pace from the opening scene to the last cause those two and a half hours of complex physical, entropy, and thermodynamic laws to pass in a sigh.

Image Credit By Christopher Nolan's Tenet Movie

Tenet works as a fantastic reminder of what you can aspire to be the highly successful cinema and why you experience it best in a huge, darkroom. In times as complex as the ones we have had to live, it is appreciated that Warner Bros chooses to delay its premiere as many times as it took to enjoy it in conditions. Either you love it or you'll hate it, but don't try to understand it, just feel it.


Nolan returns to that cinema that he doesn't leave indifferent.

When converged forward and reversed action in the same scene it is a spectacle.


It's easy to lose yourself in his narrative.

The verdict

It's impossible for Tenet to leave anyone indifferent. Nolan again risks after Dunkirk and presents a tape that knows how to play both with the concept of progression and time regression... that ends up making his narrative so smooth that it's sure to make the viewer miss. Even if it were, it's so visually surprising that it can still be perfectly enjoyable. It's not a perfect movie, not even The best of Nolan, but it's a lujazo to go back to the movie theaters with premieres like that. By the way, Warner was indeed right: Tenet deserves to be seen on the big screen. Thank you for delaying as long as it took.


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