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copyrightThe Boys Season 2 Review: Bloodier, Gore, Crazy and Funny - 3Movierulz

The new and expected second installment of the original Amazon Prime Video series premieres on September 4.

On September 4, the prime video features the long-awaited second season of The Boys. On the same day, the first three episodes will air, with new episodes available every following Friday, ending on October 9.

Fortunately, I have already been able to see the first two episodes of this new installment which is undoubtedly much bloodier, gore, crazy, and fun than the first. Although it was a little impossible to overcome, this second season already has some other moment that can easily become viral. And I'm just talking about the first two episodes...

The series picks up where he left the first in which Billy Butcher discovers that his wife is still alive and that he has a son, the result of the abuse he suffered from Homelander. They also put us in a situation of how this diverse group of people, formed by Hughie, Mother's Milk, Frenchie, and The Female, in addition to trying to take down The Seven, now also have to fight terrorists with superpowers.

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Knowing all of its characters, its creator, Eric Kripke, takes advantage of this new installment to dig deeper into each of the characters' stories. For example, we know Queen Maeve or The Female a little more, and even The Deep, who will try to redeem himself from his past and accept himself as he is - here come the gills he has in his abdomen.

But this doesn't mean there's no longer unexpected moments, with blood and gore everywhere, hilarious scenes, and the presentation of a character who will talk about what to talk about as Stormfront, played by a wonderful Aya Cash and whose role comes as a ring to his finger.

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The second season of The Boys is not going to let fans out of the first installment at all. The series continues to be committed to integrating scenes and sequences that many, for sure, would have doubted to be able to see on the small screen one day and without forgetting also to deal with serious and realistic messages such as racism or nationalism.

Remember that the first three episodes of the new installment of The Boys will premiere on Prime Video on September 4 and then air a new one every following Friday.


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