The background of Cursed explains: Everything you need to know about the Arthurian legend - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe background of Cursed explains: Everything you need to know about the Arthurian legend - 3Movierulz

For fantasy fans, the new Netflix series Cursed is a real blessing. Sword fights, great costumes, and an exciting story. At the core, of course, this is not new. On the contrary: there is very old mythology in it.

After the end of the HBO series "Game Of Thrones", fans who suddenly had to get out of Westeros without news still had to browse through the novels by George R.R. Martin, the creator of the story. And in this case, there is of course still quite a bit of literature that can be enjoyed.

However, anyone who has already seen the Netflix series Cursed is a bit dry. Because this project is also based on a book, a sequel has not yet been written.

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If you want to know more about Arthur, Nimue, and Co., you don't have to look far. The basis of the series is namely the Arthurian saga and it is so complex that you can study it at universities and find novels, non-fiction, films, and series without end about it.

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For those who want to get an overview of the complex mythology, Netflix has now made a very special treat available. The video "Cursed - The True Origin of the Figures" gives a great overview of the different stories, interpretations, and developments of the Arthurian legend over the centuries. In addition, you will find numerous films and series, which you should probably also have a look at:

When there will be a second season of "Cursed" is not yet clear. We are expecting season 2 in a year at the earliest, but why we are sure that there will actually be a sequel is explained here:


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