Watch: Shakuntala Devi Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Shakuntala Devi Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Shakuntala Devi Full Movie Review: Even though the whole world considers itself genius in its mind, it is difficult for normal people to become common among people, as much as it is difficult for the genius to become common. Vidya Balan's film 'Shakuntala' premiered today on Amazon Prime Video, which tries to say the least.

Born in Bangalore, Shakuntala Devi was famous not only in the country but also worldwide as a human-computer. He recorded many such names which would be difficult for anyone to break. But now about seven years after his death, a film based on his life has been made 'Shakuntala Devi', in which Vidya Balan is seen in the lead role.

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The film is a biographical drama and has tried to put many untouched aspects related to the life of Shankutla Devi in ​​front of the audience. The film is directed by Anu Menon. At the same time, speaking of Starcast, it stars Sanya Malhotra, Amit Sadh, and Jishu Sengupta with Vidya Balan in the lead roles.

The story of the film begins in a small village in Bangalore, where Shankutla Devi is born. From the age of about 5 years, people begin to learn about this special talent of Shakuntala. Shakuntala Devi's family is very poor, so her father makes her talent a source of employment. Shakuntala, who is very young now, gets the show done continuously and the same money is used to run household expenses. But right now, when Shakuntala is slowly building her identity, a tragic incident happens with her. Her elder sister succumbs to the lack of money and treatment. This thing hurts a little Shakuntala and she starts hating her father.

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Gradually, Shakuntala Devi grows up and goes on to make a new place for herself. Shakuntala Devi, who reached the threshold of youth, falls in love. But regrettably, their love betrays them. This is the life of Shakuntala Devi. After this Shakuntala Devi reaches London and her talent gets new wings there.

In the film, the question has been raised more than the math of Mathius's genius Shakuntala Devi, why genius people are not considered normal. Shakuntala Devi, who, after reaching London, earns a worldwide name, and makes a mistake in calculating the computer. An IAS officer is the entry of Paritosh in his life. Shakuntala falls in love with him and then comes into his life with his daughter Anu (Sanya Malhotra). Shakuntala and Paritosh separate and Anu starts living with her mother.

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Much melodrama is shown in the film. In the end, the filmmakers are seen trying to establish Shankulata Devi by showing real-life pictures. Also, a lot has been talked about the rights of women in the film.

It is difficult for any director to get such a big personality in 2 hours and 10 minutes of the film. But still, the film tries to cover most of the important aspects of his life. This effort of the filmmaker takes it into the fast forward mode. Many times, while watching the film, you will feel how quickly the second and third events are changing after the other.

Shakuntala Devi's love for Math and her insistence on keeping her daughter with her always makes her an evil mother in the eyes of Anu and she also gradually starts hating Shakuntala Devi. In the midst of all this, Anu meets Ajay Abhay Kumar, both of them marry and live together. But all this is not so easy, in this too, the audience will see a lot of ups and downs.

Why watch

This film based on the life of a great person like Shakuntala Devi should not be missed at all. She was such a person whose chance of watching life closely should not be lost at all.

Shakuntala Devi is a light-hearted funny film. In the film, you will get all the qualities found in a Hindi feature film. The film also makes you laugh, makes you cry, as well as gives a view of seeing life differently.

Vidya Balan has made a tremendous comeback onscreen. She is seen fully colored in the character of Shakuntala Devi. Then, whether it is about her makeup or her gait, Vidya has done a fantastic job on all parameters.

This film is a biopic and with such films, Bollywood often tries to make it melodramatic. To maintain the interest of the audience until the end of the biographical film, many changes are made in the name of Creative Liberty.


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