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How should things go to the cinema after both "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" and "Bumblebee" have fallen short of financial expectations? Sebastian introduces you to all current thoughts on the future of the series in the video:

The “Transformers” films are of immense importance - both for rights holder Hasbro and for Hollywood studio Paramount Pictures. That is why the decision-makers of the two companies will really do everything to ensure that the Transformers in the cinema somehow continue - even if "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" and "Bumblebee" at the worldwide box office have not recently implemented what they did Producers had actually hoped for from the blockbusters.

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Therefore, there will probably not be a “Transformers 6”, even if the next big villain with Unicron is already waiting for the Autobots in the post-credit scene of the fifth part - the main films are with production costs beyond the $ 200 million mark. The brand is now simply too expensive to make a profit even if the films no longer regularly break the billion-dollar mark at the box office.


But even trying to take it one size smaller with "Bumblebee" only worked out to a limited extent: There were clearly better reviews for the film by Travis Knight than for the usual "Transformers" material battles. But it only paid off to a limited extent at the box office. That is why the producers have already announced that there might be another “Bumblebee” film, but this would then take a much more action-oriented direction.

Another plan is to put the nineties spin-off "Beast Wars" on the big screen instead of the original Transformers: In the animation series, the robots do not transform into cars, trucks, and planes, but into mammals, fish and birds.

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The ideas for an animated prequel with the working title "Transformers One", on the other hand, are more advanced: The pre-history of Optimus Prime and Megatron is to be continued there - including the civil war that once broke out on Cybertron and ultimately even the destruction of the Transformers home planet led.

Sebastian tells you all the other information in the video above - but it is already pretty clear that it will definitely continue, just never just continue as before. This leaves the big question: Which of the many projects that are being considered or are in the works behind the “Transformers” real film that Paramount Pictures has already officially announced for July 24, 2022?

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