Psycho Goreman Movie Trailer: Two kids find their own murderous alien monster and love it - 3movierulz

copyrightPsycho Goreman Movie Trailer: Two kids find their own murderous alien monster and love it - 3movierulz

Psycho Goreman starts in the style of an 80s coming-of-age film, somewhere between "The Goonies" and "Stand By Me". But instead of a body or a treasure, this time the kids discover an alien monster that fulfills every wish:

Sometimes you just want things because you just don't know that there is a better alternative. Think, for example, of children who want a puppy to play with. They could also wish for an alien monster that fulfills their every wish - and if necessary also tears off both arms from every adult who comes to the stupid ...

After all, we always knew: children are bad - and that's why it's good that they are so small and weak. But in "Psycho Goreman" by Steven Kostanski, who wrote "The Void" a few years ago. This is worse. ”Once a retro highlight has been delivered, the usual balance of power is now mercilessly turned upside down!

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The siblings Mimi and Luke accidentally ensure in the forest that an alien overlord buried there, who reminds a little of the monsters from the TV trash series "Power Rangers", by the Risen dead. With the help of an amulet, they can also force the reawakened aliens to fulfill their every wish - and we are also certain before watching the film that there will surely be a wonderful homage to montage scenes, in which in faster The sequence shows which childish moods the siblings all live out with the help of their new "friend".

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But as everyone knows, life is not a pony farm - even if a powerful monster from space is available as a personal slave: An army of intergalactic assassins is already on its way to the small American town to blow out the lights once and for all for the resurrected ...

"Psycho Goreman" runs alongside films such as "Becky" with Kevin James as a murderous neo-Nazi, the philosophical sci-fi drama "Archive" with Theo James and the witch horror "The Reckoning" by "Hellboy" director Neill Marshall on the Fantasy Filmfest 2020.


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