Follow in the footsteps of Star Wars: How Project Power is supposed to inspire Netflix audiences - 3Movierulz

copyrightFollow in the footsteps of Star Wars: How Project Power is supposed to inspire Netflix audiences - 3Movierulz

Since yesterday, August 14, Netflix subscribers have been getting to see the slightly different superhero movies on the streaming platform. And lead actor Jamie Foxx thinks "Project Power" has at its core exactly what makes the "Star Wars" movies.

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Haven't you ever wanted to have any superpower – if only for five minutes? That's exactly what the people of New Orleans can do in "Project Power" thanks to a miracle drug that was secretly circulated as part of a field study. The problem:

You don't know what superpower you get once you've taken the drug – and if you're unlucky, the trip is anything but good for you.

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As the trailer for the film already shows, the different abilities bring with them a thunderstorm of special effects, which would probably also be quite good at the cinema. As actor Jamie Foxx revealed in an interview, the film is essentially something completely different – just like the first "Star Wars" movies ...


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Speaking to CinemaBlend, the Oscar winner compared his new film to the old "Star Wars" trilogy, in which the lightsaber fights were nothing more than a side effect. "Before it becomes supernatural, it has to be natural first," says Foxx, who always puts the action at the back.

"'Star Wars' isn't great because of the lightsabers, but because of Luke Skywalker. Because of Han Solo. Because of this group of people – Princess Leia – who you would even watch when they order food. Because it would still be interesting."

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Of course, it is nothing new that action scenes work especially when the characters are credible, you are feverish and fearful with them. But does the "Nerve" creators Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman manage to do just as well as George Lucas with their new film?

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In fact, the film's entry works very well precisely because of some strong character moments, when we meet the ex-soldier and caring father Art, the dependent policeman Frank and the teenager Robin, who is trying to make money for her mother's medication. Getting started may not work as well as in "Star Wars," but good enough to want to know more about the characters.

However, this is increasingly done in the course of the film, because "Project Power" only reminds in places of adrenaline fireworks like "Crank" or "Shoot 'Em Up", but is Netflix-typical in the end just too long. In some idle moments, the viewer has plenty of time to think about what is happening and stumble from one logic hole to the next. In our review there were no more than 2 stars in the end:


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