Watch: RGV's Thriller Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: RGV's Thriller Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release date: Aug 14th, 2020 Rating: 2.25/5

Cast: Apsara Rani, Rock Kachi and others

Author: Ram Gopal Varma

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

During this lockdown, the series of web series reviewing with movies continues The film 'Thriller' is a movie that is today' The film is available in 'Shreyas ET Up'. Let's see how this film is in the review.

Story Background:

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There is nothing to tell about the story. Sound effects in the middle of the show the glamor show of Apsara Ranigari Varma's style camera shots like old tamarind pickle And there is no more story in the film. Okay, if you are brief about those shots Sameer (Rockkachi) and Megha (Apsara Rani) are both friends. This Sameer makes concerted efforts to romance the mega who returned home until midnight. What did He do for it? It was a bit of a bit and the rest of the matter was finally what he had.

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What's good:

The glamour of the award-winning range in the beauty show without the queen of the upper hand can impress the youth. There is no more matter in this mini film. If you look at the positive view of the booth shots Romantic horror drama The film has elements that are like youth, as well as some booty creative shots They did not work out.

Apsara Rani, who played the main character, has no hesitation in her role and she does not have anything to do with her sexy moments with her beauty. Similarly, the other two actors have also tried to do justice to their roles.

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What's not good:

Varma was disappointed as usual. What is the trailer in The Varma Movie There is nothing new in the film. Please do not see this short film like this film that is not afraid of the heroine in this film. Twenty-three minutes short film has two hundred tickets, and happy 40 rupees GST 240 rupees for the film in this film is not the original.

Ram Gopal Varma, who is a director with controversial issues or booths, has always shown the thriller main content in the trailer, whether every shot is needed to cash in on youth weakness, Varma has been annoyed by overexposure as usual. Cinema lovers also made a disgust over the film.

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Varma did not run to show every shot, as well as show the heroine body. RGV has completely left the main matter in the storytelling and corrected the content with a text dialogue at the end. In addition, he created a weak emotion in the script without strength and made no interest in the film.

Last word:

Please be better off with this thriller movie. The original queen of the original is the lowest level of the film range, which is not in line with its rate. There is no horror or thrill scared in this mini-movie if the apsara rani glamor is missing. The same shots, the same booth... The same track is missing. That's why it seems the best job is not to watch this contentless film. It will be another mini film in the worst films of Varma with the only agenda to make money.


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