Watch: Metro Kathalu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Metro Kathalu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

OTT grew up The content was preferred. The search for stories has begun. Old stories have also been found. As part of that, The 'Metro Kathalu' written by Mahmud Khadir Babu has been made available to the screen. Metro Kathalu mirror the lives of the people, the fights, the minds, and the precious reminders that are lost. From the lesson world, Khadir Babu's work has gained great recognition. And received praise. Four of them are picked up ... Metro Kathalu is a web-film. The director of 'Palasa' was directed by Karuna Kumar. From today on, you can see 'Metro Kathalu'. What about the four stories? How is Metro Kathalu that inspired the world of text?

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Proposition, Ghana, Selfie, Tegal... These are stories in four or four backgrounds. If a middle girl gets a love proposition How did she accept it? is the proposition story. A housewife who is angry, irritated, and dislikes the husband - tells how the 'ghatna' reacted to the road accident. Career goals and goals in Maya... Who is missing the 'selfie' mirrors? A son who is immersed in the father's memory tells the story 'Thegalu'. Four of the stories are adorned. They are now on the screen.

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The story is different, it is different to show it on the screen. It is more than a matter of going to the stories that have shaken the world of the text. While reading stories, the spectator builds a kind of imagination. The writer makes a lot of work to make a character more strong in the audience. He has as much time as he wants. But the director does not have this. The audience is different, the reader is different. 

When this inner space is in the... The stories are successful on the silver screen. Director Karuna Kumar has made some sense of the inner part. The director understands the story of the story and the story of the proposition and the story seems to be unable to understand. Compared to selfie... The tea is a good one. If you look at the proposition... What's in this? It feels like that. The way the woman's characters are shown in the cell, the director is angry. In fact, the feeling does not come to the reader when the stories are read. 

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Khadir Babu spoke to the female characters as a story. But if the same stories come on the screen, the mistakes will appear. How did the housewife surrender to the emotion of the episode? It feels like that. After that, she does not even feel guilty. The same is in the selfie. The husband who loved and married Golf, career name, Bangalore go to the job Wife's wife is a man How can you come to a hotel room? questions are raised. Overall, ... The feeling of the story when reading They do not dream when you look at them on the screen.

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In the actors, Sananda and Rajiv Kanaka are the ones who are in the film. Rajiv... He will be more recogniculous. That is not how the rest of the people have done it. They are perfect in their roles. In the name of nagara life, the stories that tell what we are missing are found in the metro. Although the readers are a little bit light, the selfie and the tea are the ones who do not know them.

The best stories in Telugu literature are also given by the 'Metro' stories. This is just the beginning. More good stories... Web platform should be realized. If not... The director is a little bit of storytelling and the right perspective is to think. You should also choose the stories that are meaningful on the screen. It is the only one on the knife.


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