Mad Max Fury Road: George Miller thinks Furious could become a tyrant after - 3Movierulz

copyrightMad Max Fury Road: George Miller thinks Furious could become a tyrant after - 3Movierulz

Furious, the character played by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury on the Road, was the great favorite of the film directed by George Miller. The director has among his plans to bring to the big screen a new installment of the franchise set years before Furiosa became the warrior we met in the film starring Tom Hardy. However, Miller has talked about the future of the character after what happened in the film and has claimed that she could become a tyrant. 

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"I've often thought about it. There are two things that could happen," the director begins in an interview during New York Comic-Con. "One is a utopia, which is not an interesting story. Somehow, I figured the first thing I'd do is go upstairs and drop the water," he adds. Following these words, and referring to writer Joseph Campbell's theories, Miller has talked about the possibility of Furiosa becoming a version of what he hates most: Immortan Joe. 

"Campbell said the usual story is for the hero of the present to become the tyrant of tomorrow. The hero is the agent of change. Basically, he renounces self-interest for some common good. Campbell basically says that if you love too much what you've built or saved, you become firm. You become orthodoxy. You develop dogma and basically, you have to protect it. That's usually the rhythm of these things."
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Despite this theory, Miller claims that Furious is smart enough to move to the dark side. 

Miller wants to continue exploring the story of this character with the prequel he is preparing. Theron will never get back into Furiosa's shoes in this new installment and some of the names that have sounded to replace her are those of Jodie Comer and Anya Taylor-Joy. Theron, for his part, has acknowledged that it breaks his heart, not being able to give life back to Furious. 


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