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copyrightThe Umbrella Academy: Baby Pogo looks so cute in season 2 on Netflix - 3Movierulz

Season 2 of the Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy takes you back in time. Pogo, the ape-loving monkey butler, also appears as a young chimpanzee. Now the first picture has been published.

The author of these lines read the comic book and was therefore warned, but it still hurt to see the lovable monkey butler dead: Pogo, the replacement dad for the dysfunctional superhero family in "The Umbrella Academy", dies at one Outrage of the mighty Vanya, who has no control over her powers.

But the coming second season is due to a time travel before the first season - so Pogo is back! As a little monkey in a spacesuit! Instead of a tie, he wears a small name tag on his suit that says "Pogo"!

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Yes, it is always a bit cheap to show popular figures as babies and thus guaranteed to appeal to the part of the audience that has a heart - Lucasfilm has only just used this method in "The Mandalorian" in a masterfully effective form.

In contrast to “Baby Yoda”, which, contrary to popular belief, is not Yoda as a baby, but only belongs to Yoda’s type and represents the cute object everyone is after, Baby Pogo in the second season of “The Umbrella Academy “becomes more than a cute MacGuffin: Maybe we will see how no monkey that is shot into space becomes a kind monkey butler.

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The new season will be released on Friday (July 31, 2020) on Netflix. After the apocalypse triggered by Vanya in 2019, the umbrella siblings landed in the Dallas area in three different years from 1960 onwards. Five lands in a nuclear disaster that are a result of the siblings' journey through time.

The umbrella heroes must somehow come together to find out why the nuclear disaster happened - and to stop it. Oh, and besides, it would be nice to go back to the present to avert the other catastrophe ...

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Here is the trailer for the second season "The Umbrella Academy", which promises more madness than was offered in the first season


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