Amazon Prime's French Biryani Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightAmazon Prime's French Biryani Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Cast: Danish Seth, Sal Yusuf, and others

Director: Pannaga Bharani

Producer: Ashwini Puneet Rajkumar

Music Director: Vasuki Vaibhav

During this lockdown, the series of web series reviewing with movies continues The film 'French Biryani' is a film that is today. Directed by Bharani. The movie is available on 'Amazon Prime'. Let's see how this movie is in the review.


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A French national Simon (Sal Yusuf) enters Bangalore. Simone is the lead after the local mafia head Mazil Mani (Mahantesh Hiremat). Don Auto Driver, Asgar (Danish site) misunderstands this French national as a drug peddler. But they think there is another French man other than Simon. The rest of the story is what happened to the end of the story that is associated with these wrong identities with the misunderstanding drama.

What's good:

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The Danish site, which is famous for viral videos, is debuting with this film He played the role of an auto driver very well. Danish did justice to his main role, even though he was not in the film with his natural is, as seen in his viral videos. Some of the comedy scenes and punches created by the Misunderstanding comedy concept were also fun. There is a good comedy in this film.

Similarly, the way Sal Yusuf played a French national is also very interesting. The punch lines and dialogues he said are very good. Even though Kannada is the language is understandable. The narrative went well. and camera performance is impressive. It was also interesting to see how the crime angle and how various threads ended in the next episode.

What's not good:

The director has put his characters in the story He has written some scenes regularly. He could not elevate the story well. And far from the main point, the story lost hold of the story as many unnecessary scenes were added one after the other. Also, some characters that show a lot of confusion are also frustrated.

In such a film, you expect a pleasant climax, but it is not at all. The end of the film is not good at all. Comedy is not understandable. Because it has different humor, it's a little confusing. There are more comedy scenes needed.

Last word:

Overall, this 'French Biryani' is based on a crime comedy-drama, Miss Understanding Play. The Danish site has played well in his main role. Comedy scenes are okay. But the film is very disappointing in the climax. But for those who love comedy, the film seems to be okay for those who want to see what the Danish site has done in the full-fledged role. But the rest of the audience does not like the film.

Rating: 2.5/5


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