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copyrightWatch Entha Manchi Vadavura Full Movie Review In Movierulz

Title: Entha Manchi Vadavura
Janner: Love and Family Entertainer
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Meherrin, Praveen, Suhasini, Sarat Babu, Tanikella Bharani, Vijay Kumar, Naresh, Sudarshan Vennela Kishore, Rajeev Kanakala
Music: Gopi Sundar
Directed by: Satheesh Vegeshna
Producers: Umesh Gupta and Subhash Gupta

Entha Manchi Vadavura starring Nandamuri Kalyanram-Meherrin. The film was directed by Satish Vegheshna who won the National Award with Sathamanam Bhavati. Nandamuri Hero, who is back with a series of defeats like MLA, Na Nuvve, 118, is expected to hit the block with Sathamanam Bhavati. Kalyan Ram as the hero. How much did Entha Manchi Vadavura impress the audience today as the Sankranti gift? How successful was NTR's dream of Kalyanram? Is Nandamuri's home film Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikunthapurramloo a tough competition for Sankranti? Let's see in the movie review.

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The story:
Ballu (Kalyan Ram) is very fond of bonds and kinship. The boy wants his father to enjoy the holiday type by calling it a birthday gift as a child. Because he says he likes it. However, a happy family of boys comes with a big grievance. A boy's parents die in a road accident. At this time my supposed relatives do not assure themselves that they are willing to do anything to get the boy's pity. At this point, Nandini (Meherrin) is introduced to the boy. Both of them grow up making short films.

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But the boy hides a thing to his friends. However, when Nandini and boyfriends are made aware of this, they are angry. But knowing the reason, he tells them the real thing and proposes to them. From there the original story and the emotions begin. But why does the rest of the cast enter the story? Is Acharya, Rishi, Surya, Shiva, boy all alone or separate? What is the proposal of a boy to his friends? Does it yield good results? Or did you get into trouble? That's the original movie story

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Entry Manchi Vadavura is a film made by Kalyan Ram. Nandamuri, who made similar films at the beginning of his career, is now picking up different stories. In this film, he became a family hero. He displayed all sorts of gestures. Kalyan Ram showed all the variations in acting. He succeeded in producing comedy, especially emotions. After Kalyan Ram, the heroine of the film is Mehareen.

This beautiful toy with Kalyan Ram is good throughout the film. Avila has cultivated all sorts of feelings like riot, comedy and her love for the hero. Also impressed as the girl who fell for the hero. It must be said that Mehareen has taken another step with the film. As for the rest of the cast, Suhasini, Sarath Babu, Tanikella Bharani, and Naresh are all seniors, making their roles much easier. Vennela Kishore, Sudarshan, Bhadram and Praveen impressed with their comedy.

I put my father in a spacious house. He bought a car for me to turn around. What's more, to keep a father happy is the average son or daughter in the current generation of the Common. However, the director was trying to convey that their parents were not happy with them. The current youth who are accustomed to modern civilization are unable to connect to the emotions associated with kinship and kinship. 

If you find a break in the busy life, try to stay relaxed and do not try to embrace new bonds. Gatsu, the director of the film with a star hero like Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who ties the story to some points, has to say Hatsaf. This is because Nandamuri fans are increasingly seeking mass elements from their heroes. Never admit a family story like this. However, Kalyanram also said that the film is a love story and a new one.

Sathemanam Bhavati and Srinivasa Kalyanam are the director of Kutambakatha films. However, the original story of a Gujarati film has been reduced to the Telugu Nativity, with some commercial elements added to the Nandamuri fans' attention. More than half of the film's story takes place in flashbacks. Relationships, Friends, Heroine Oneida Love, Comedy, Songs, Court Scenes, One Fight Two A new concept called All is Well Emotion Supplier

The director tries to unravel the knots that were part of Fustaf in the second half. Also, the second half was made more difficult. Especially after the entry of Vennela Kishore comedy, Suhasini and Sarath Babula Turns out once. The Krishnavasi film is bustling with a huge cast in every frame. Some of the scenes in the climax, however, are quite routine. Finally, however, the director has said that what he wants to say is a placenta.

Emotion Scenes with Kalyan Ram, Vijaykumar, Suhasini and Sarat Babu are impressive. Song laughs at Nagi who comes in while trying to make the heroine cool in Gustaf. Sudarshan falling for YouTube thumbnails is cozy. After the entry of Vennela Kishore in the second half, he developed his comedy style.

You want a bond, you share a relationship, we can not give up fear, we can not give up courage, the desire of the girl child is like a layer, the screenplay can not be greater than God, giving a relationship ship to those in need of emotion, life partner must come from home but not leave. There is nothing wrong with lying for their happiness .. Relationship impressed even as mutunnaru dialogs.

When it comes to technology .. cinematography is great. Munnar and heroine are very beautiful. The music, however, is very minuscule. Background music provided by Gopi Sundar is not new. Also, when you get out of the theater, you don't even remember the songs. The action scenes look good. A bit of focus on editing. The production values ​​are down to the cinema.

Plus Points:
Acting Kalyan Ram
Comedy in the Second
Concept being new

Minus Points:
Stretching Scenes


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