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Superstar Rajinikanth starring as a Powerful Police Officer This action entertainer was inaugurated by famous director AR Murugadas. Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty plays the villain in the movie with Niveda Thomas, Nayanthara, and Yogibabu playing the lead roles. Amidst the huge expectations, the film will come out in front of the audience to see if it has met those expectations.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Aditya Arunachalam (Rajinikanth) kills gangsters and rowdy sheeters in the city one by one. He is confronting all those who are mad. There are various articles in the media about Mad Mad. Arunachalam also threatens the Human Rights Commission officer who comes to trial and makes his own report. Why does Arunachalam behave like that? What is the real story behind that behavior? That is a movie.

Rajinikanth is back in the form of the last movie. He provided the original mass entertainer to his fans. Talavera used the same formula for these Sankranthi. Thriller, the next mass entertainer with emotional elements. This is what the average viewer of the theater can expect. The story is nothing new. The old storyline. Otherwise, director Murugadoss has added a nice screenplay to it.

Murugadas has shown in the last films that the law does not capture criminals. He provided the story of the Tagore telephone .. but directed in the shotgun. Now the same formula is used in Darbar. He showed how a police officer behaves in violation of the law. Aditya Arunachalam has been portrayed throughout the film, from the entry scene of Rajini. Arunachalam's treatment of a human rights official also clashes with some viewers.

Faceoff goes very fast with the racy screenplay. The drama that followed the arrest of Ajay Malhotra (Pratik Babbar), the son of big businessman, soon after taking charge as Mumbai commissioner, is interesting. This is where a twist on the interval bang comes. This twist will intrigue the viewer over the second half. The second half is a game between Hari Chopra (Sunil Shetty) and Aditya Arunachalam.

The sentiment worked well in the second half. Rajini's father, Rajini, and Thomas Chemistry were impressed. Reported acting makes everyone laugh. The secondhand feeling is slightly slower compared to the FAST. The fight scene at the local railway station whistles with Rajini fans. In the hospital, scenes between Rajini and Nipada break up. Comedy is also well-known in the film. The scenes between Rajini and Yogi Babu are smiling. The whole Rajini mannerism of the film is also laughing.

However, the lack of a strong scene between the main villain Sunil Shetty and Rajinikanth seems to be a deficit. Both of them face the climax. It also concluded with a simple fight. A super policeman with a terrible gangster would not be feeling. It would be nice if the climax was a little more robust. Apart from this, the film endures the audience.

When it comes to actors .. Rajinikanth is the main strength of the film. Made with One Man Show. What's more, at 69 years old, she looks very fit and fit. In the police dress, he has to say look super. The fights were also very well done. Goosebumps for gym fans in the second half. Valli (Nivedha Thomas) is the ripest character since Arunachalam. Rajinikanth's role as the daughter of a reporter corrected. With his amazing performance. The role of Nayanthara is not a big priority. But Rajini was seen as a good pair. Sunil Shetty as the villain. Yogi Babu, Pratik Babbar, Nawab Shah, and Jatin Sarna all played their roles.

Technically the movie standers are good. Santhosh Sivan's cinematography, in particular, is excellent. Rajinikanth has been shown very well. Also, the action scenes are very well shot. Anirudh's background music is another strength of the film. The songs are also very well presented. Shrikar Prasad Editing Simply Superb. Leica Production has something new to say about production values.

Overall, the film is a full meal for Rajini fans. The rest of the audience can watch this Sankranthi movie.


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