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copyrightWatch Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo Full Movie Review And Rating In Movierulz

Allu Arjun is the hero, Trivikram Srinivas  Director in the movie Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. Bunny's last movie is Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India Disaster. Allu Arjun will be appearing on the screen after the long gap, with the combination of hits like Julayi and Sannaf Satyamurthy in the crazy combination. 

Allu Aravind and Radhakrishna (Chinababu) are producing the movie under the banner of Geeta Arts and Harika Hasini Creations. The film, Music composed by Taman, hit the audience on Sunday (January 12). And the movie is getting fans' expectations ..? After the long gap, the Audience came forward bunny ..? Did Trivikram do magic again?

When it comes to the story:

 Tabu and Rohini give birth to two male children in the same hospital. Rohini's husband, Valmiki (Muralisarma), transforms the children in hopes of getting home with their son's money. 20 years later, Bantu (Allu Arjun) is on a job hunt and swears with his father Valmiki. At the same time, Bantuki gets a job at a travel agency run by Amulya (Pooja Hegde). The introduction of precious, pawn, etc., becomes love. 

As part of the business, Bantu goes to his office to meet his real father, Rama Chandra (Jayaram), who at the time saves Aayan from a major accident. At the same time, the truth that Ramachandra is his father seems to pawn. What did Bantu do? What is the danger to Ramachandra's family? How did Bantu protect his family from that accident? What is the connection to this story of the appalling Appala Naidu (Samudrakhani) ..? That's the rest of the story.


Interestingly, director Trivikram Srinivas hooked the audience with his own dialogue. Trivikram Magic seems to be the first half superb with bunny style, comedy timing, and performance. Though not a strong story, Trivikram succeeds in engaging audiences with his take. Trivikram mark punches greet audiences, especially in every scene. However, Trivikram may not be too fond of Guruji fans as the film is a bit of a spicy joke because of its past experience.

Trivikram, however, was not so keen on the second half as he griped the first half. In particular, the lack of scenes that seem wow, and the lack of big twists and turns in the story, make the narrative feel flat. But in this case, too, Trivikram Mark Comedy will add to the audience. Coming to a pre-climax, the pace of the story increases. In particular, the board meeting scene does not allow the audience to sit down. Fans whistles with bunny intimidating all the heroes in the scene. The action scene in the climax song sounds wow. Emotional climax blends with family audiences.

Technical category:

The main strength of the film when it comes to the technical category is the music provided by Taman. The audio was a super hit before the film's release. Comrade, Ramulo Ramula, Basket Doll songs are also superb on-screen. The rest of the songs also entertain. Taman made his mark in the background music as well as The Best. 

Another major strength of the film is the difficulty of the cinematographer to make the PS Vinod cinematography as colorful as every frame. The visuals in the songs, in particular, are unremarkable. Naveen Nuli editing is frustrating. It would be nice if you could cut a few more scenes. After a long time, the producers Allu Aravind and Radhakrishna have been spending huge amounts of money for the movie since it is a bunny movie.


Allu Arjun’s performance

Superior production values

Huge star cast 

Family-oriented theme 


Thin story plot 

Flat Narration and clichéd second half


After the long gap, Bunny appeared on screen, giving fans a full treat. Comedy, action, romance, and sentiment are all in his own style. In a word, the film was a one-man show. Superb in comedy timing and styling, as well as emotional scenes. Typical actor Muralisarma once again made his mark. His role as a father who discourages his son is impressive. Tabu and Jayaram have sobered up in their role. 

Emotional Scenes have been tremendously cultivated by their experience. Pooja Hegde and Nipodapetturaj, who played the heroines, were confined to a glamor show. Sushant, who continues to be a hero for a special role .. seems to be not utilized as expected. Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Navdeep, and Rahul Ramakrishna were impressed with the range of their roles.

Overall, the film is good at Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and something is missing. - 3.5/5


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