Watch Saarirel Neekevarvu Full Movie Review And Rating In Movierulz

copyrightWatch Saarirel Neekevarvu Full Movie Review And Rating In Movierulz

Mahesh Babu's latest film, 'Saarirel Neekevarvu' after Bharat Ane Nenu and Maharshi. Mahesh has been making messaging films for the past few days and this time the audience has come out with an out and out the commercial movie. Mahesh's first appearance in Army Look, the 13 years after Lady Amitabh Vijaya Shanthi Re-entry has had huge expectations in the film. Let us see in our review how well the film has met those expectations.

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Ajay Krishna (Mahesh Babu) works in the Indian Army. Some terrorists kidnap school students. With this, Ajay and Team get into the field and save them. However, Ajay Krishna will have an unexpected moment. From there, he comes to Kurnool in search of Professor Bharti (Vijayashanti), who works at Ajay Medical College. Bharti is already fighting the villain Nagendra Prasad (Prakashraj) in the Murder case. Then Ajay Krishna helped Bharti. What is the role of culture in this? Superstar Krishna will be seen on screen

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 Mahesh Babu made an out and out commercial after the aggressive movie, but no. Director Anil Ravipudi has touched all the angles of Mahesh. Mahesh is shown in ArmyLook as simply superb. Then come the scenes with Rashmika family and comedy laughs with Bundle Ganesh as blade gang. After the movie, Kurnool goes, again and again, Seriousness.

The fight scene of Kondaradi bastion in Interval, one of the film's headlines. The director who directed the first part was mostly comedy, and in the second half, the original story was revisited. The second half revolves around the three characters of Ajay-Bharati and Nagendra Prasad. Mahesh Babu is blocking the sketches of villain Nagendra Prasad, where the scenes that highlight Mahesh Babu are clapped by the audience. Mahesh Babu's story of capturing politicians and bombing them is good. The pre-climax and climax scenes seem to be routine. Krishna's next episode is a highlight of the movie.

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Artist Performance

This is Mahesh Babu's most energetic film after Dookudu. Mahesh Babu is playing the role of Army and protecting Bharti's family. The Mahesh comedy timing in the train episode is reminiscent of the Khaleja movie. Fans who saw Mahesh Babu in action scenes are not whistles. After Mahesh, the film has to be successful. Bharti lived-in character. Her performance in the scenes with Prakash Raj is amazing. Prakash Raj is a villain. Rashmika, Sangeetha and Rajendra Prasad seem to be the same in their roles.

Technical Category:

Even though the film was shot in a short amount of time, the richness did not miss it. The cinematography was overwhelming. Kashmir Locations is very well shown. Devi's background music is a plus for the film. Devi's backing music to Army Scenes and Action episodes sounds like WOW. Ram Laxman has done a lot of action scenes. Editing works a little better.


Anil Ravipudi is ready to touch the commercial elements while touching the comedy. Anil who got such a star like Mahesh, and succeeded in using it as a character. Rating 3.5

Finally: Saarirel Neekevarvu Movie BlockBuster


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