Meg 2 Movierulz - Watch Meg 2 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightMeg 2 Movierulz - Watch Meg 2 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Meg 2 Movierulz - Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) still loves to be out and about in the sea. This time, however, mainly an environmental activist. Sometimes he heats up a ship crew that wants to dump illegal nuclear waste in the ocean, sometimes he dives into the depths of the sea together with researcher Jiuming (Wu Jing) and his crew. During a routine dive, he and his team discover that mining is now also being carried out underwater.

Meg 2 Movierulz - This not only makes Jonas angry but also several huge primeval sharks, called Megalodon - Meg for short. These suddenly appear from the depths and seem to have brought a lot of hunger with them. A race against time begins as the giant sharks won't settle for the morsels they find at the mining station.

Meg 2: The Trench – When the desire for more (shark) quickly passes Already in the first minutes, Meg shows 2 teeth, because we are transported into the past: A lizard eats a dragonfly, and the lizard is in turn eaten by a small T-Rex and finally, a gigantic Meg grabs the dinosaur. This makes the audience look forward to what may come next. Unfortunately, the joy doesn't last long. Meg 2 now spends at least an hour with a rather boring drivel and far too little Statham action.

On top of that, Jason Statham simply doesn't play the role of the environmental activist who gives the environmental sinners a top twelve. Especially not if you know the first part. There you got exactly the opposite: Crunchy Statham shark action right from the start. Unfortunately, in Meg 2 you have to wait a very long time.

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Wu Jing steals the show from Jason Statham
While Jason Statham is still the master of jokes in part one, Wu Jing takes on this part in Meg 2. He comes up with mark after joke and cuts a fine figure.

The laughter is only a minor consolation about the very long middle part, in which there is too much about Jonas' foster daughter Meiying (Shuya Sophia Cai) and the environmental and research aspects. After more than an hour of film, we start to wonder when the basking shark action will really start.

Good end, shark?
In the last third of the almost two-hour film, Meg 2 finally steps up a gear. The hunt for the megalodon leads Jonas and his team to an island called Fun Island, complete with a luxury resort and hordes of vacationers. For the Megs, of course, the tourists are the best snacks, and finally what we have been waiting for all this time happens: Jason Statham goes on a Meg hunt. On a jet ski. With a modified spear.

The swimming dog from the first part is also making a comeback. It's a shame that we had to wait so long for action and almost fell asleep beforehand. The solid computer animations that bring the megs and the underwater world - including pretty high-tech mini-submarines - to life don't help either.

Review of Meg 2: The Trench - Our conclusion
The first Meg film in 2018 had us hooked from the start with the insane action pairing of Jason Statham and a 20-meter-long basking shark. Meg 2 wanted to follow up but messed it up with too much length and the fact that the hoped-for crazy action only ignites at the very end. So we can only recommend the film to a very limited extent to Meg fans. If you haven't met the Megalodon on the big screen yet, you'd better watch the first part on GigaTV and save yourself the trip to the cinema.


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