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copyrightBro Movierulz - Watch Bro 2023 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Bro Movierulz - It is known that the super hit film 'Vinodaya Seetham' in Tamil has been remade as 'Bro' in Telugu. Sai Dharam Tej and Ketika Sharma starred in this film, and Power star Pawan Kalyan played another lead role. 

Bro Movierulz - produced by T. G. Vishwaprasad under the banner of 'People Media Factory', Vivek Kuchibhotla was also the producer of this film. Word wizard Trivikram Srinivas has provided the screenplay and dialogues for this film. Samudrakhani who directed the original also directed this film.

The songs of 'Bro' did not get a positive response but the teaser and trailer got a super response. The film will hit the screens on July 28. Due to this, the audience has high expectations for this film. Meanwhile, it is reported that this film has been shown to some bigwigs in the industry. 

According to their talk... Markandeya alias Mark (Sai Dharam Tej) takes over the key responsibilities of their company after his father's untimely death. Anukshan works for his company. In this order, he does not allocate time to his family correctly. There will also be a war of words with the girlfriend. The situation goes up to breaking up. At such a time he will have a big accident.

He dies in it. Then he remembers his family responsibilities. Then he remembers what will happen to his mother, sister, and brother.. He tells the Time (Pawan Kalyan) who appeared to him that if he gives some time, he will hand over the responsibilities of his company to his brother and marry his sister. 

He gives him a chance to live longer by agreeing to time. For this, he also puts a condition that I will always be by your side. But when Mark returns to his home alive, there are unexpected consequences. His sister and brother plan their careers in advance. What happened next is the rest of the story.

The starting portion of the first half was somewhat dull. It is known that the second half will connect with the family audience. It is known that Pawan Kalyan is seen in various getups and gives a nostalgic feeling to his fans. 

Overall, this movie is made with a good concept called Karma Siddhanta. Clearly, the climax is designed very differently than the original version. Overall, this movie is known to be average to above average. And let's see how the box office result is going to be.


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