Vimanam Movierulz - Watch Vimanam 2022 Telugu dubbed movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightVimanam Movierulz - Watch Vimanam 2022 Telugu dubbed movie Review in 3Movierulz
Vimanam Movierulz - Jersey is the image that immediately comes to our mind if we remember the agony of a father to fulfill his son's wish. Even though this plane also has the same point, the main strength of this movie is how many problems the father faced to get his son on the plane anyway.

Vimanam Movierulz - Since this film is emotional, it starts slowly and introduces the main characters. In the first half, the relationship between father and son, some cameo scenes, Anasuya's entry goes like this.

And the second part is full of emotion, the cost of the father raising his son to Vimanam is 10,000, and how the disabled Veeraya worked hard for this 10,000 will keep the audience sitting in their seat till the end.

It can be said that Samudrakhani lived the role of Veeraya rather than acting. He acted brilliantly in the scenes between Son and Veeraya. Innocence is seen in every scene, especially with the dubbing done by himself. And Master Dhruvan also acted amazingly, and Rahul Ramakrishna, Anasuya, and Dhanraj did well.

Even if the line chosen by Shiva Prasad Yanala is not new, the way it is portrayed will move the average viewer. It can be said that they succeeded in pleasing the audience from the beginning to the end.

Technically, Vimana is good, Charan Arjun's songs are not that impressive but the background music elevates every scene, Vivek Kalepu's cinematography is okay but should have been better. Finally, Vimananam Movie is an emotional journey.


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