Takkar Movierulz - Watch Takkar 2022 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightTakkar Movierulz - Watch Takkar 2022 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Takkar Movierulz - Takkar's film does not look new in any way, and the visuals of the film look like it was shot three years ago. However, Takkar is a commercial film. But it doesn't feel like a regular commercial film.

Takkar Movierulz - In the first half, it is well established that the hero is out to earn money no matter what, and the hero-heroine love track is designed to serve the story. The scenes between them will entertain some sections of the audience. This story is complex with many layers, the second part ends with a good interesting point near the interval.

And in the second half, the curiosity builds as the hero knows that money is the only thing important, and even if he relates it to the heroine, he ties it to business. Then she engages with a good fast screenplay from there saying that she would like a lot of money if she kidnaps her girlfriend and brings her back.

Siddharth is not new to such roles, but when seen in more love stories, his look seems new. He did justice to his role even though it was no longer challenging. And Divyansha became a part of the story instead of the same romance as in the previous films. Yogi Babu laughs a lot with his trademark comedy at a time when things are getting serious. And the rest of the cast has done well.

The story chosen by Karthik G Krish is not that new, but it can be said that he has succeeded by adding elements that will please the average viewer.

Technically it sounds like Takkar Bane, the song Nivas K Prasanna Nira was a good hit before the release, the rest of the songs are not that impressive and the background music is okay but should have been better. Vanchinathan Murugashan's cinematography is good to match the story. Overall, Takkar is a one-time watch crucial movie


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