Shazam 2 Movierulz - Watch Shazam Fury of Gods 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightShazam 2 Movierulz - Watch Shazam Fury of Gods 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Shazam 2 Movierulz - What is the story: The story of 'Shazam' is of a child who is given some powers by a wizard. After the first part, now the story moves ahead and connects with it. Talking about the story of 'Shazam Fury of Gods' in simple words, three daughters of Atlas have come to earth. To save his city from these daughters, Shazam fights with them, in which his siblings support him.

Shazam 2 Movierulz - Why have all these three come to earth now? Who among these supports Shazam and why? Does Shazam win in the end? Do Shazam and his siblings lose their powers and how is Shazam moving forward with the DC Universe now? For all these questions you will have to watch the film.

Review: The scripting of 'Shazam Fury of Gods' is good and technically the film does not talk anywhere. Everything looks fine from the acting to the direction in the film, although you cannot call anything very good. On the other hand, the most special thing about the film is that whatever you are thinking after seeing the scene of the film, is said on the screen. Whether it is the matter of Khaleesi seeing the dragon or some other scenes too…

Since the story of the film revolves around a superhero who is a child, you get to see that same innocence throughout the film and enjoy it as well. Those who like 'Shazam' know that the action in this film is much less and lighter than the rest of the superhero films and the same thing is seen in 'Shazam Fury of Gods'. There is not a single action scene in the film that you would enjoy watching. There is a lot of comedy in the film and you laugh every now and then.

At the same time, there is a letter scene in the film, which is very funny. You can't stop laughing at this scene. Gal Gadot also appears as Wonder Woman in 'Shazam Fury of Gods', which makes it clear that the DC Universe is going to increase Shazam in the coming times. The two post-credit scenes at the end of the film give you a good hint of what will happen next.

Watch or not: Overall, it can be said that 'Shazam Fury of Gods' is a decent entertainer film, which has a lot of action and emotions along with comedy. You can enjoy the film with the family. However, don't go into the film with high expectations.


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