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copyrightRana Naidu Movierulz - Watch Rana Naidu 2023 Netflix Series Review in 3Movierulz
Rana Naidu Movierulz - The biggest backbone of this series is Venkatesh and Rana, this series starts well, then the story slows down a bit with the introduction of Rana's character and the establishment of his professional life, but the premise mood of the series keeps us immersed in the story, the first two episodes are not so thrilling but his father After the release of Naga from Jail, the whole drama is interesting, the slow narration keeps us reeling with what is happening on the screen.

Rana Naidu Movierulz - The series is a mix of action and family emotion, Rana Naidu doesn't have much of a thriller, but it shows human relationships, even though he is a criminal, he has no feelings, the war between father and son, and the unspeakable love between them.

Venkatesh has not seen the role of Naga, this is the first time that Venkatesh has done a role with such negative shades and he impresses with his performance.

Karan Anshuman & Suparn Varma have done an excellent job of mixing human relationships with good action, succeeding in enthralling the viewers despite some flaws in the narration.

Technically, Rana Naidu is suitable, Jayakrishna Gummadi's cinematography is good, John Stewart's music has taken the series to the next level, and the rest of the technical team has done well. Overall Rana Naidu is an action series mixed with emotion.


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