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copyrightMichael Movierulz - Watch Michael 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Michael Movierulz - In the last few years, crime has become the main theme in many movies. By opting for the crime genre, directors are able to feature action that appeals to more people. As soon as Michael's trailer was released, we got an idea of what kind of movie we are going to see, but the director 'Ranjith Jayakodi' was careful not to show too much of the story by introducing only the characters in the trailer.

Michael Movierulz - The movie 'Michael' goes straight into the story without wasting any time. In the beginning, it was a little exciting, but after a few scenes, the excitement could not be sustained. With some extended scenes and unwanted dialogue, this movie feels a bit awkward till the interval. Before the interval, the movie, which made some interest with a good twist, gets boring again in the second half with some unnecessary scenes. When it comes to the climax, the action dose increases and after the movie is over, you have to come out a little heavy.

When it comes to acting, if we look at the last few films, it seems that 'Sandeep Kishan' is making all the characters the same. The way he changed his body for the role in this movie should be admired. Vijay Sethupathi and Varalakshmi entertain Sarath Kumar with their performances for a short while. Gautham Vasudev Menon also entertains us well with his performance. Varun Sandesh seems to be perfect for the role. Ayyappa Sharma's dialogue delivery is good. Both Anasuya's role and acting are not satisfactory, the big question is how she is getting so many opportunities for her acting.

Technically 'Michael' movie is very good. Sam CS's background music is perfect for this movie. Although Kiran Kaushik's cinematography is good, some shots seem too bright. A little more care should be taken with DI. The production values are good and the producers have spent enough money to make the film a success.

The story chosen by the director 'Ranjith Jayakodi' is not new but the way it is directed is somewhat pleasing. Overall, Michael Movie is an action-packed new venture. If you want to see Sandeep Kishan in a new form, watch this movie in theaters immediately.


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