Amigos Movierulz - Watch Amigos 2023 telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightAmigos Movierulz - Watch Amigos 2023 telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Amigos Movierulz - Although Amigos has an interesting storyline of Doppelganger but follows a regular commercial format, the film starts off well with the introduction of the three characters, the first 20 keep us engrossed in the story, but then bore us. The first half goes like a regular commercial movie but the interval twist makes the latter half interesting to watch.

Amigos Movierulz - The second half also goes on like a routine, the emotional angle is not well developed in the screenplay. Despite the action blocks in the second half and Kalyan Ram's performance, the movie fails to engage you. Routine narration, predictable scenes, and boring love tracks will test our patience.

Kalyan Ram as Manjunath has done well, Siddharth is not Kothem for him Michael is the main attraction of the movie, Rashika Ranganath has done well and she looks gorgeous in every frame, Brahmaji has done his best and rest of the cast is good.

Rajendra Reddy's idea is good but S still needs to present the film in an engaging manner. Sounder Rajan's cinematography is good here and there, Gibran's songs are not so much and he fails to remix Balakrishna's iconic song 'Enno Ratti Lothula Gani', his background score is good and the rest of the technical team does well. Overall, Amigos is a routine commercial action drama.


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