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copyrightAvatar: The Way of Water second trailer released is a stunning visual wonder - 3Movierulz
Released in 2009 'Avatar' not only became an epic wonder worldwide but also created an unprecedented worldwide box office sensation and set unbeatable records. The movie 'Avatar: The Way of Water' is coming as a sequel to this epic sci-fi movie. This movie has been made a visual wonder beyond Part 1 with visuals that Sea could not imagine. It is known that this movie is going to be released on December 16th on a huge scale worldwide in 3D IMAX formats.

The makers of 'Avatar 2' released the first trailer two weeks ago, surprising the audience who were eagerly waiting for the trailer to be released. This has increased the expectations so far.

Recently another trailer was released. The stunts of Jake Neytiri's family, who are accustomed to the sea life near Pandora, the difficulties they face to survive, the war stunts Jake Neitiri does for his tribe, the stunts that make strange creatures in the sea bed as their vehicles, and the war against the enemy faction are stunning.

The second trailer makes it clear that 'Avatar 2' will be more than 'Avatar'. In the background of the unexpected visuals and the stunts of the characters, the highly anticipated trailer is raising the expectations of the movie to the highest level. In this two-minute long trailer, every frame is like a miracle. The pre-scene is impressive. Having taken to a whole new world with Part 1, James Cameron is going to introduce the magical world hidden under the sea with Part 2.

The martial maneuvers performed in the ocean are astonishing. The movie which is being released in 120 languages ​​worldwide is going to be released in 7 languages ​​in our India. Trade sources are already saying that the business of this movie is happening at a record level as expected. The audience is also eagerly waiting for this movie which is releasing on December 16 amid huge expectations. Zoe Saldana stars as Sam Worthington Nutri as Jake. This movie is going to be released in 3D as well as IMAX 4DX formats. It is remarkable that most of the theaters across the country have already been renovated for this movie.


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