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copyrightThe Hanuman movie teaser is better than Adipurush - 3Movierulz
When Prabhas started his movie 'Adipurush', the expectations of the audience rose to an unimaginable level. The members of the film unit also said in the same vein that this film is going to be unprecedented. Especially the director 'Om Raut has raised the hype with good words that he is going to bring this movie to the silver screen with a huge budget of around 550 crores. But even from the first look, the hype of the film did not seem to increase in any way.

In a way, the director 'Om Raut' told the trollers to work but left the fans deeply disappointed. Especially if the teaser is a huge shock. Trolling was going on saying that Aamir Petlo would not make such graphics even for a thousand rupees. But the audience is not able to forget that injury so easily.

In a way, if any film comes with a lower budget, it becomes a headache for the director of 'Adipurush'. They are trolling again and again. A while ago young director Prashant Varma released the teaser of his next film 'Hanuman'. The film is being released with a budget of just 15 crores.

But if you look at the graphics in it, it seems that it is suitable for a minimum-budget movie. There is no shortage of big movies. If a director with such a small film and so little experience are showing such visuals, the director of 'Adipurush' is being countered by saying that they do not understand how they used poor quality graphics for the film 'Adipurusha' with a budget of 550 crores.

They are trying to counter 'Om Raut' with memes saying why did you spend such a budget that the graphics of the film should be like this. The 'Adipurush' team took a lot of time for the graphics work. They want to release the movie 'Adipurush' in June after summer. And we have to see what kind of result the film unit will give in the rework.


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