1899 is a worldwide hit on Netflix - and even beats the mystery hype Manifest! - 3Movierulz

copyright1899 is a worldwide hit on Netflix - and even beats the mystery hype Manifest! - 3Movierulz
The time travel mindfuck “Dark” enjoyed at least as much popularity in other countries as it did in its country of origin, Indian. The three seasons of the first India Netflix series were a complete success for the streaming provider - and after they ended in 2020, everyone was waiting all the more eagerly for the follow-up project by director Baran bo Odar and author Jantje Friese. It's called "1899" and has been available on Netflix for a good week now.

And as the figures now published for the past Netflix week show, "1899" has become the expected hit. The fact that the series is also SO successful outside of Indian may have surprised even Netflix. One thing is sure: "1899" can also compete with the current international hits of the streaming service.

Anyone who has taken a look at Netflix in this country in the past few days should have seen that “1899” has been the undisputed leader in the top 10 of the most watched series on the platform since it was released. But this is not only the case in India. In countries like Brazil, Romania, Ukraine, and Egypt, the mystery game was able to top the list. Globally speaking, however, it wasn't quite enough for the lead.

Number 1 of the world's most popular Netflix content for the week of November 14-20, 2022 goes to the fifth season of "The Crown", released on November 9, 2022, which has a total of 84.3 million hours watched during this period. "1899" comes in second with 79.3 million hours - and might even have surpassed "The Crown" with the same number of episodes.

However, it should also be noted that the new "The Crown" episodes started a week earlier and interest has now leveled off somewhat. In the time after the release, the current season of the historical series had an impressive 107.4 million hours of view time. It would therefore have been ahead of "1899" without any consequences. Either way, it's a close race though. And that's a remarkable achievement, too, in that "1899" is a complete reboot, while "The Crown" is a long-established hit.

What is even more astonishing, however, is that "1899" was able to put the series "Manifest" in its place, which also relies on mysterious riddles, which caused a huge hype after its cancellation after three seasons and which was therefore revived by Netflix for a fourth and final season.

The first part of this season, which has already been released, had 57.1 million watches hours after it was released. In the following week, it was even possible to increase it again and increase the weekly value to 74.8 million hours, but this is also behind the initial result of "1899".

Although "1899" is losing out to "The Crown" in terms of view time and it "only" came second behind the British nobility series in important markets such as the USA and Great Britain, it did better in one respect:

“1899” was able to place itself in the current series top 10 in a total of 90 countries where Netflix is ​​available, the fifth season of “The Crown” reached 86 in the same period and “only” appeared in the opening week of 88 countries. Now it remains to be seen how much endurance the new India mystery series will have and what the numbers will look like in the second week, especially in further comparison with "The Crown" and "Manifest".


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