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copyrightVenom 3 takes an important step forward thanks to the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey - 3Movierulz
With Venom and Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage grossing over $1.3 billion at the box office worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Venom 3 got the green light. When the film was actually confirmed in April 2022 at the cinema operator fair CinemaCon, Studio Sony still owed further details about the Marvel sequel. Not much has happened since then. The US trade journal Deadline has now at least been able to find out who is probably the most important person behind the scenes and has revealed who will sit in the director's chair for the sequel.

Screenwriter and former actress Kelly Marcel will direct Venom 3, making her directorial debut with the blockbuster. Marcel follows in the footsteps of Ruben Fleischer and Andy Serkis. For a long time, the latter in particular was also considered a possible director for the third part but is now making room for Marcel, who already has a lot of "Venom" experience.

After Kelly Marcel was in front of the camera in the film and series industry, mainly in smaller roles, she has been working primarily as an author and producer for several years. It was here that she created the short-lived sci-fi series, Terra Nova, before gaining wider attention and acclaim as co-writer of the feel-good Mary Poppins genesis Saving Mr. Banks.

This eventually earned the Brit the job of adapting the first volume of the SM best-selling series "Fifty Shades Of Gray" for the big screen - a process which Marcel, due to the massive interference of template author E.L. James doesn't look back on happily. The golden raspberry she got for the script back then probably didn't make the whole experience any better.

In addition to working on the Disney film "Cruella" and the development of her upcoming Apple horror series "The Changeling", Marcel has also devoted himself to the "Venom" films in recent years. After she revised the original screenplay of the first part and was set as the author of the second part from the outset, she will take on this job for part 3 as well - and will now direct it for the first time. Quite an obvious choice, as she knows the titular Spider-Man villain's journey on the big screen so far - as does lead actor Tom Hardy, with whom she will once again be developing the film's story, and insiders according to Venom should be very much on the same wavelength.

It is certain that we will see/hear Tom Hardy again in "Venom 3" as reporter Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote Venom associated with him. So far, however, there is no information about the further cast or the plot of the sequel. At least one appearance of the symbiote Toxin seems to be almost certain after the end of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage".

But will there also be larger connections to the so-called SSU, which Sony is currently building with the adversaries from the Spider-Man cosmos and to which "Morbius" has also belonged so far? The formation of the villain troupe Sinister Six could possibly play a role, which was last hinted at in "Morbius". Perhaps the Marvel collaboration between Sony and Disney also provides another link to the MCU, in which Venom was at least allowed to stop by briefly before returning to his own universe.


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