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copyrightAvatar 2: Marvel star Zoe Saldana reveals her record for holding her breath - 3Movierulz
Director James Cameron is a perfectionist. Instead of working with masses of water from the computer, he shot a large part of his upcoming sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar 2: The Way Of Water" in huge water tanks so that the underwater scenes feel as real as possible - not only for the audience but also for its stars. What did they have to learn for this? Holding your breath, of course, because after all, they had to act underwater.

Now, Zoe Saldana, who returns for Avatar 2 as Na'vi Neytiri, revealed her record in an interview with The New York Times: "I did almost five minutes." !“. Anyone who, as a normally trained person, has ever timed how long they can hold their breath should be able to understand this.

The champion among the "Avatar 2" stars was not Saldana with this strong performance: it was revealed a while ago that Sigourney Weaver managed six and a half minutes, and Kate Winslet even an incredible seven minutes. Cameron told the New York Times that he never expected Winslet to make it this long: "And she didn't expect it either!"

In order to train his stars for this unusual task, James Cameron, according to his own statement, hired the “best air-hold specialists in the world”. From these, Saldana and Co. learned what is known as apnea diving, also known as free diving.

Why did he choose the complicated route and not the simpler variant with CGI images, such as those used for the underwater scenes in "Aquaman" and Disney's upcoming live-action "Arielle"? "Oh come on! If you want people to look like they're underwater, they have to be underwater," Cameron said. "And that's not such a big leap now — if you're making a western, you have to learn to ride a horse."

Avatar 2: The Way Of Water hits theaters on December 14, 2022. And while the first trailer promises perfectly normal blockbuster images that aren't overly exciting just yet, a clip from the film, which was recently shown in cinemas following the re-releases of "Avatar: The Adventure of Pandora", completely took the audience from: "Never seen anything like it" and "it almost felt like magic" are just some of the comments posted on Twitter:


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