Sardar Movierulz - Watch Sardar 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightSardar Movierulz - Watch Sardar 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Sardar Movierulz - The whole movie is a spy story with all the elements to connect the audience in every section, the movie starts with an interesting sequence that grabs the attention of the moviegoer, there are some flaws here and there in the movie. The non-linear screenplay and captivating scenes keep the audience glued to their seat from the beginning to the end. The first half goes with a juicy screenplay and after the flashback starts the second half slows down a bit but gets interesting very soon and keeps it interesting till the climax.

Sardar Movierulz - Despite some draggy scenes, the film has all the elements to engage the audience of all sections and has the right amount of drama and emotions, especially the action blocks with the investigation sequences that pull you into Sardar's world but do not leave you disappointed when you come back out.

Karthi played a double role as father and son and played both roles brilliantly, especially his multiple get-ups should be appreciated, he showed his mettle in acting and proved once again why he is the best actor, Rasi Khanna did well in the role of the lawyer but the acting lacked scope Malayalam actress Rajisha Vijayan did well in her role and Chunky Pandey and rest The cast did well as their role required.

P.S Mithran succeeds in hooking the audience because we can see his talent in writing how a spy sacrifices his life for the country and in return no one talks about his bravery all these aspects are very well addressed in the movie.

Technically, Sardar is top-notch except for some VFX sequences, George C Williams's cinematography is the backbone of the film, he has shot the entire film very well, and the color tones and grading are good, GV Prakash Kumar never disappoints with his music. The Telugu songs didn't register because of the Tamil flavor but he showed his mark in the BGM, he elevated many scenes with his BGM and the rest of the technical departments did well as the film required. Overall, Sardar is a spy movie that will hook the audience from all walks of life.


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