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Ram Setu Movierulz - What is the story of the movie Ram Setu?
If the story of the film 'Ram Setu' is to be told in easy language, then it is on whether Lord Sri Ram built the Ram Setu between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka or is it a charisma of nature. Akshay Kumar plays Aryan Kulshrestha in the film, while Nushrat Bharucha plays Aryan's wife Gayatri. On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez is in the role of an environmental scientist. The film begins in Afghanistan, where Akshay finds some historical gems along with the relics of the statue of Lord Buddha, first to make Aryan's character look knowledgeable and fine.

Ram Setu Movierulz - In the opening scene, Akshay Kumar also shows some sarcastic comments about Pakistan and the Swag of India. The story progresses and comes to the core that there are two sides to the Ek Sethu Samudram project. Some people want to break it in the name of progress, while some have religious sentiments attached to it. Akshay has been shown to be an atheist in the film, although he does not tamper with the facts.

In such a situation, he submits his report to the court, where he also makes objectionable remarks about Ramayana. Due to this they are suspended as well as there are incidents like soot on their face and harassing the child. After this, Akshay is asked by Indrakant (Nassar) of Pushpak Shipping to find out the truth about whether Ram Setu is man-made, or whether nature has made it.

Now the story goes on whether Ram Setu was built by Lord Shri Ram or whether it is a gift of nature. Akshay is supported by AP (Satya Dev) in his journey and you have to watch the film to know what happens the film.

What is special in the film Ram Setu?
What makes the film special is its background music. The BG of the film is good and helps in engaging the audience with the scenes. At the same time, after the background music, the story of the film is also good, which keeps it hooked till the end. Some of the locations in the film are also quite good, which gives a visual treat. The film has been shown associating with religious faith so that as an audience you stay connected to it. The cinematography of the film is also good.

Where does Ram Setu beat?
While the film is special on some points, it also beats in many places. Although the VFX is less in the film, whatever it is, it does not suit. Apart from the VFX of the film, the editing of the film is also not special. Had the film been given time on the editing table, the film could have been even better. While the film has been delivered well on paper, it proves to be technically tight.

How are the acting and direction?
Akshay Kumar's look in the film is matching with his character. At the same time, his work in the film is also good and after giving back to black flops in the past, this film is very important for him. Nusrat's character is very less in the film and she seems to be doing justice to him. Jacqueline has a tight hand in Hindi and in such a situation, most of her dialogues are also in English. The actor whose work is the best in this entire film is Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj is in the character of AP and has given excellent performance. Satya Dev has given excellent comedy and support. At the same time, Jacqueline's little love for him also shows cuteness. The direction of the film could have been better.

Watch the movie 'Ram Setu' or not?
This film can be seen with family, there are many such things in the film, which you will like. There are many such twists and turns in the film, which you will like as an audience. The history of Hinduism is shown in the film by connecting it with science. Not only in India but also in other countries Ram Setu and Lord Shri Ram have been connected.


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