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copyrightPaani movie is coming back after a long time of shooting - 3Movierulz
It is known that director Shekhar Kapur's dream project 'Paani' started a few years ago. A small portion of the shooting has also been completed. But at that time the movie was stopped in the middle of the shooting due to unavoidable reasons. It's been a few years since this happened. Due to this, Shekhar Kapur completely left this movie aside.

The actors who acted in it, and the technicians who worked on the movie all got busy with different movies. Shekhar was also overwhelmed by other offers. Since then, I have not looked at Paani. At least the stories did not appear on social media. I must say that you have almost forgotten all about Paani's movie.

But is Shekhar Kapur ready to shake off the film now? Are you taking steps toward fulfilling your dream project by bringing it to the audience? It seems so. Shekhar Kapur has revealed that the shooting of Paani is starting again. He said that some people are negotiating with the producer for that.

In any case, the shooting should start next year. He said that he will give clarity on all these matters soon after coming to a conclusion. Love..spirituality... faith... the world... All elements are present in this drink. He said that this movie will be released only in the English language.

Also, in this movie, it seems that the hero...other actors will ones will come. It seems that a new production company is being launched. First, Yash Raj Films entered into the production of this film. But now that the company has exited, Shekhar Kapoor is launching a new company. Whatever! Paani, who created a sensation at that time, is excited to be back on the screen again. Many old fans of Shekhar Kapoor are eagerly waiting for Paani. In this background, the latest news is sweet news. Will there be any changes in terms of the story? That should be seen.


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