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copyrightLightyear Movierulz - Watch Lightyear 2022 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Lightyear Movierulz - Although the animated adventure "A Toy Story: Everything doesn't listen to a command" turned out to be not only a technically impressive follow-up to the toy saga, many Pixar fans were showing a certain degree of fatigue: After all, the Disney group has been part of it for several years Studio only released one original film between 2016 and 2019, but released four sequels. At Pixar, this weariness seemed to have been expected in advance: producer Mark Nielsen promised during the promotional tour for the fourth "Toy Story" film that the studio would not produce any more sequels in the foreseeable future. However, Nielsen chose his words carefully - that already now, three years and four original productions later, Pixar is once again releasing a film about Buzz Lightyear namely no breach of the word, at least not really.

Lightyear Movierulz - After all, "Lightyear" is not a sequel, but a metafictional prequel: the sci-fi adventure that we are now seeing on the screen is also a blockbuster within the "Toy Story" universe, which became a similar pop culture phenomenon as in us "Star Wars". So the film is the reason why the buzzing toy that Andy so desperately wants in Toy Story was made in the first place. At first glance, that sounds like a flimsy excuse for the studio to return to its comfort zone without a direct sequel. But director Angus MacLane makes us forget this cramping after just a few minutes of the film. The weaknesses of "Lightyear" lie elsewhere.

Lightyear Movierulz - Buzz Lightyear is part of a space mission led by Commander Alisha Hawthorne. During the return journey, however, the spaceship piloted by Buzz receives the signal that an as yet unexplored planet is nearby. Without further ado, Buzz decides to take a detour. But the unknown star proves to be dangerous - and to make matters worse, Buzz's hasty attempt to escape ends in a crash landing.

Now the entire crew is stuck. And because Buzz is wracked with guilt, he volunteers for a risky experiment that could see him returning home soon. Instead, however, it only causes Buzz to lose touch with his crew.

A lot of dents

The first thing that catches your eye: "Lightyear" underlines twice and three times how much computer animation - especially at Pixar - has evolved since 1995. There are, sorry, light years between “Lightyear” and its inspiration “Toy Story”! The facial expressions and gestures of the figures are much finer and more expressive; what has happened in terms of lighting and textures is downright sensational. Well, the fact that the medium has changed enormously is nothing new. But even in comparison to other current genre contributions, it is remarkable how credibly lived-in the world of "Lightyear" looks. Be it the walls of spaceships or buildings, the outsides of space suits, or other technical gadgets: everything in "Lightyear" is scratched, dusty, dented, or otherwise worn.

This gives the film world a feel that makes even various big-budget live-action films look blank and pale. The production design reinforces that feeling, as MacLane and his team draw heavily on the original Star Wars trilogy and other sci-fi films of the era. So the technology used by Buzz's employer, Star Command, has a clunky, charmingly unwieldy aesthetic. However, the "Lightyear" team overdoes it with its "Star Wars" borrowings, so that the visual component of the film loses its independence in the long run. In combination with the fact that the 105-minute space spectacle mostly takes place in very similarly designed locations, a certain visual monotony creeps in towards the end despite the perfection of the trick.

Similarly, with the story, MacLane and Jason Headley telegraph very early on in their co-written screenplay what will be the final take on the story. Buzz's environment quickly learns to adapt to the situation, while it takes time for him to lessen his determination. Instead of placing the narrative focus on why Buzz is doing differently, how he is increasingly struggling with Star Command, and what it takes for Buzz to forgive himself, they tell "Lightyear" at length as a classic heroic story: Buzz stubbornly wants one Finding a solution that will allow him to complete the initial mission and his various daring escapades, exploits and ventures are staged as space action that we are meant to cheer for.

That should be due to the tight narrative pace and the various fun gadgets at least keep the younger audience interested. But if you're mature enough to realize after just a few minutes of the film that Buzz's stubbornness is the real problem, you're pushed into the position that stunts enthusiasm, almost feverishly against the hero. To discuss such a discrepancy between what the hero wants and what he really needs in a dramaturgically satisfying way, "Lightyear" is narratively too simple. A pity, after all, Pixar has already demonstrated with "The Monster Uni" how cleverly you can pull the rug out from under your hero's feet. Only trace elements remain in "Lightyear" of Pixar's repeatedly proven ability to handle complex stories with nuanced characters.

Scene thief Sox

Instead, "Lightyear" presents itself as a pure sci-fi entertainment cinema that approaches its few emotional moments as clunky as Star Command approaches its design issues. Therefore, both some quieter character moments and several surprisingly intended plot developments are disappointingly flat. That doesn't detract from the comedic aspects of the film, though: tasked with providing Buzz with emotional support but also boasting cleverness and quick wits, robot cat Sox is a real scene thief.

With the heroine Izzy, who appears later, who is totally quirky but, as an astronaut, is afraid of space of all things, Buzz also engages in amusing wars of words full of sparkling running gags including pointed slapstick mishaps. That the jittery "Toy Story" play child Andy named "Lightyear" as his absolute favorite film is therefore also absolutely believable. But even that doesn't make Lightyear a candidate for a sunny spot in Pixar Animation Studios' pantheon.

Conclusion: An impressively battered, albeit somewhat monotonous look and an amusing group of characters make “Lightyear” a respectable space action fun. In terms of narrative, on the other hand, Pixar Animation Studios show its less ambitious side.


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