In 3 days a cult sci-fi Predator will be on the hunt again at Disney plus - 3movierulz

copyrightIn 3 days a cult sci-fi Predator will be on the hunt again at Disney plus - 3movierulz
After 'The Predator' not only went bad at the box office but also received a lot of scolding from international criticism, 'Prey', the fifth 'Predator' offshoot, is supposed to return to the roots, and the duel focuses on two hunters.

From August 5, 2022, Prey, the new appearance of the murderous cult alien, will be available as a Disney+ subscription. It was a quite surprising announcement in November 2020 that after the takeover of the 20th Century Fox studio, Disney not only wanted to reboot the "Alien" series but also worked on a new "Predator" film, which we are now showing expected in three days.

The trailer above shows very clearly that "Prey" is primarily based on the finale of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic from 1987. Here, too, the action legend has taken on the Predator – and only equipped with primitive weapons. At the center of the story of "Prey", set 300 years in the past, is not a muscular super mercenary, but the young Naru, who belongs to the indigenous tribe of the Comanches.

She wants to prove herself and her worth as a warrior in order to be accepted as a full member of the tribe. While hunting in the dense forests of North America, she thinks she's on the trail of a predator, but in fact, finds herself in a duel with the iconic alien. A life-and-death struggle begins.


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