The first trailer for Shazam! 2 - without Superman but with Batman and a dragon - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe first trailer for Shazam! 2 - without Superman but with Batman and a dragon - 3Movierulz
In the first trailer for Shazam! 2," we see a doubting hero who soon has to pull himself together when a new threat arises. He not only has to deal with Helen Mirren but also with a dragon.

What have fans been discussing over the past few days and weeks that DC and Warner will announce Henry Cavill's big comeback as Superman at Comic-Con? There was no sign of it - quite the opposite. When the titular character Shazam turns up in the first full-length trailer for Shazam! 2” to the other male DC superheroes, we briefly glimpse Flash, Aquaman, and even Batman, Superman is left out and not even shown.

Shazam or Billy Batson himself has completely different worries anyway. Because the boy, who thanks to a powerful spell can transform himself into a muscular hero, is confronted with the daughters of the god Atlas, to whom he owes his powers: Hespera and Calypso do not want them out of the hands of children. Luckily Billy has his family, who meanwhile also have powers. But first, he has to make sure that everyone pulls together...

The first long trailer of Shazam! 2" also gives us a look at shooting star Rachel Zegler, whose role has not yet been officially revealed. However, we see that she also has superpowers and is assumed to be playing another of Atlas' daughters, Athena. But she is much younger than her two sisters.

It is interesting that she does not appear in the trailer together with Hespera and Calypso. The reason could be that she condemns her sisters' actions and ends up becoming an ally of the Shazam family.

A new trailer for Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson was also unveiled at Comic-Con. While both characters are currently still in their own movies, Shazam and Black Adam have a rivalry in the comics and are staunch adversaries. It is therefore expected that sooner or later there will be a crossover film. If both start in 2022 in a timely manner, the corresponding credits scenes could announce this crossover.


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