What is Marvel's The Multiverse Saga? The new MCU chapter about Avengers 5 and Avengers 6 explained - 3Movierulz

copyrightWhat is Marvel's The Multiverse Saga? The new MCU chapter about Avengers 5 and Avengers 6 explained - 3Movierulz
Even before the big Comic-Con announcement, the titles for 'Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty' and 'Avengers 6: Secret Wars' were known. Also part of that reveal was a title called The Multiverse Saga. What's behind it?

Since the Marvel fans were once again too attentive. Just over 24 hours before the big comic announcement, they discovered that Marvel was patenting titles: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Avengers: Secret Wars, Captain America: New World Order, and The Multiverse Saga “. At the big presentation of the finale of the current MCU phase 4 and the announcement of phases 5 and 6, three of these names were then revealed as film titles for "Avengers 5", "Avengers 6" and "Captain America 4" – but what about "The Multiverse Saga"? 

"The Multiverse Saga" is not a film title, but an overarching term that Marvel now wants to establish, which is why plenty of merchandise such as caps were distributed at Comic-Con, and a logo was revealed.

The "Multiverse Saga" is the successor to the "Infinity Saga". The sagas are once again a title above the so-called "phases" that describe the overall context of the respective stories. The "Infinity Saga" was the umbrella term for phases 1 to 3.

The "Multiverse Saga" is now the umbrella term for phases 4 to 6.

The focus of the films and series of phases 4 to 6 is the great multiverse. That doesn't mean that every film and series mentions and references the Multiverse, but especially the big team films of the Legends like "Avengers: Secret Wars" are then closely linked to the multiverse.

But it probably also means that after phase 6, i.e. in an already confirmed phase 7, the multiverse should no longer play such a big role. This should fuel rumors that "Secret Wars" will end with the destruction of the Multiverse and there may then only be a single word.

Below we have listed all previous and already announced titles in the overview for you:


Phase 4

 "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"
 "Loki - Season 1"
 "Black Widow"
 "What if...? - Season 1"
 "Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings"
 "Hawk Eye"
 "Spider-Man: No Way Home"
 "Moon Knight"
 "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness"
 "Ms. Marvel"
 "Thor 4: Love And Thunder"
 I Am Groot: August 10, 2022, on Disney+
 She-Hulk: The Lawyer: August 17, 2022, on Disney+
 Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever: In theaters November 9, 2022

Phase 5

"Marvel's What If...? - Season 2”: in early 2023 on Disney+
 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: In theaters February 15, 2023
 Secret Invasion: Coming to Disney+ in early 2023
 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: In theaters May 3, 2023
 Echo: Summer 2023 on Disney+
 Loki Season 2: Summer 2023 on Disney+
 The Marvels: In theaters July 26, 2023
 Blade: In theaters November 1, 2023
 Ironheart: Fall 2023 on Disney+
 Agatha: Coven of Chaos: Winter 2023/2024 on Disney+
 still unknown Disney MCU movie: February 14, 2024, in cinemas
 Daredevil: Born Again: Spring 2024 on Disney+
 Captain America 4: New World Order: In theaters May 1, 2024
 Thunderbolts: In theaters July 24, 2024

 Phase 6

 Fantastic 4: In theaters November 6, 2024
 yet unknown Disney MCU theatrical film: February 13, 2025
 Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty: In theaters May 1, 2025
 still unknown Disney MCU movie: July 24, 2025, in cinemas
 Avengers 6: Secret Wars: In theaters November 6, 2025


 Phase 7

 still unknown Disney MCU movie: February 12, 2026, in cinemas
 still unknown Disney MCU movie: April 30, 2026, in cinemas
 still unknown Disney MCU movie: July 23, 2026, in cinemas
 still unknown Disney MCU movie: November 5, 2026, in cinemas

It is important to note that these phases are not yet complete. From spring 2024, for example, the entire series will be missing, because here the production and planning do not take place with quite as much advance notice as with cinema films, and one will also have to wait and see which series will have further seasons and which will not, and when they will fit into the schedule.

There are already many announced and circulating projects in the cinema, such as "Deadpool 3" or "Shang-Chi 2", which have not yet appeared. They could get one of the pending dates in phase 5 or 6 or even have a role in phase 7.

There is also a fourth "Spider-Man" film with Tom Holland, which Sony will not announce at some point, however, and which will therefore not take any of the already known dates but will be placed somewhere else. A start on June 6, 2024, would be conceivable here. Sony has already announced a Marvel film for this date without taking a title. Of course, the date can also be for another "Venom" film or any other of the many Marvel films with characters from the Spidey cosmos.


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