Texas school shooting - 19 children killed in Texas elementary school shooting and gunman dead - 3Movierulz

copyrightTexas school shooting - 19 children killed in Texas elementary school shooting and gunman dead - 3Movierulz

Texas school shooting - The accused entered the school with a rifle and opened fire. So far 21 people have been killed in the firing. President Biden and Hillary Clinton have expressed grief.

Sad news has come from Texas USA. An 18-year-old youth opened fire at a primary school on Tuesday morning (local time), killing 21 people. Among the dead are 19 children and two teachers. In retaliation, the police killed the attacker. He shot his grandmother before firing at the school, she is serious. Expressing deep sorrow over the incident, President Joe Biden declared four days of mourning. He also said that now is the time for action.

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According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the shooting took place at Robb Elementary School. Abbott said the incident was more lethal than the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The attacker has aimed his bullet at innocent children studying in the second, third and fourth grades. In 2012, 20 children were similarly killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

First targeted grandmother, then reached school

The latest incident of shooting at an American school took place in the small town of Uvalde, Texas. The population here is less than 20,000. According to Governor Abbott, the name of the attacker is Salvador Ramos. He was a resident of the same area. CNN, citing sources, reported that the gunman first targeted his grandmother. After this, he shot 19 children. Two teachers were also hit by him. Grandmother's condition is stated to be critical. 600 students study in the school. Many have been injured in the attack. The condition of a 60-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl is critical.

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Joe Biden expressed grief, four days of mourning

US President Joe Biden, reacting to the incident of this shooting, said that the incident at the school Rob Elementary School is very sad. He has declared four days of mourning in the country in honor of the children and teachers killed in the firing. During this, all military and naval ships, and stations, including all US embassies and other offices abroad, announced the half-mast of the American flag till sunset on May 28. Biden spoke with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to assist him in the wake of the school shooting.

President said - now something has to be done

President Biden said, 'As a nation, we have to think about how long in the name of God we will stand helpless in front of the gun lobby or do what needs to be done. The parents of the deceased children will never be able to see their children again. Now, something has to be done. We need to teach a lesson to those who take up guns in this way against the law, we will not forgive it.

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Hillary Clinton said - violence should be stopped

Hillary Clinton has also issued a statement on the Texas shooting incident. He said that thoughts and prayers on this incident are not enough. We have been becoming a land of screams full of pain for a few years now. We need lawmakers who are ready to stop gun violence in America.


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