Jayamma Panchayathi Movierulz - Watch Jayamma Panchayathi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightJayamma Panchayathi Movierulz - Watch Jayamma Panchayathi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Jayamma Panchayathi Movierulz - Watch Jayamma Panchayathi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz - Jayamma Panchayathi ibomma - Watch Jayamma Panchayathi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in ibomma

The Telugu film industry does not need to be specifically introduced to Anchor Suma. Introduced to the Telugu people as a serial actress, she continues to be an unstoppable anchor in Telugu for a long time. She has occasionally done minor roles in films but has never acted in a full-fledged role directly in any film so far. 'Jayamma Panchayathi' is a film in which she played a full-fledged role.

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Directed by a new director, 'Vijay Kumar Kali Varapu', the film would not have received so much publicity if it had starred another heroine. Suma made the film as if everyone in the industry was acting like tongues in the head so everyone in the film industry came forward and promoted her film, in this context Jayamma Panchayathi's film starring her had good expectations among the audience. And let's find out in the review whether Jayamma Panchayati cinema has met those expectations.

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The story of Jayamma Panchayathi

Jayamma lives a quiet life with her husband and two daughters in a small village near Palakonda in the Srikakulam district. The husband loses all possessions of goodness and lives contentedly as long as he farms for rent. Jayamma, who acts as a tongue-in-cheek to everyone in the village, is feared by everyone in the village. She finds out that her husband has heart disease when his eldest daughter is Pushpavati. However, the daughter wants her husband to undergo heart surgery with the money that came with the long-coming readings program in their area on Pushpavati function day. But what did she do to save her husband from not getting as much money as expected? Is Jayamma's husband alive with heart disease? The film tells the story of what happened to the panchayat that Jayamma set up to keep her husband alive.

The first part

The film begins entirely in a remote village in the Srikakulam district. The first part is an introduction to most of the town, the people in the town as well as an attempt to fully introduce the hardships that came with the victory. The first part is designed to make the audience understand what is being said without seeming to be stretched anywhere. The director manages to make us feel like we are in a village in the same Srikakulam district. Throughout the first part, the director succeeds in showing what the need is to put a panchayat on Jayam.

And the second part

In the second part, Jayamma, who went to the panchayat unexpectedly, shows whether her husband could be saved by the panchayat or not. The director manages to show that the first part is all about the need for a panchayat for Jayam, but the second part feels a bit stretched. What experiences did she have in the panchayat where Jayamma was appointed? What did Jayamma do in the end when her hometown panchayat was set up by yours? In the finale, Jayamma reveals how she interestingly saved her husband.

When it comes to directors taking

Vijay Kumar, who made a name for himself in the industry by making a short film called Addillu, shot the film to show his region as a film. The entire film was also shot in the Srikakulam district. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Knowing the Srikakulam language and dialect well, he brought the dialect there and the affection in that dialect to the Telugu audience and impressed them. The storyline is also well-crafted but there is an impression that the second part may have been somewhat understated. Still rural people, how are their mentalities? What is their understanding of castes? Were shown to be blindfolded. It seems certain that Vijay Kumar will make a name for himself with his first film.

When it comes to the acting of Suma Kanaka

Impressing everyone in the audience with her anchoring, Suma immersed herself in a full-fledged role for the first time. It is better to be alive than to have played the role of Suma Jayamma. Born somewhere in Kerala and settled as a Telugu anchor, Suma not only utters dialogues in the unfamiliar Srikakulam dialect but also takes on the role of Srikakulam seems to have been born and raised in the original. As a housewife, Suma impresses by playing the role of the Antichrist for her husband's survival, a man who never backed down in any way.

The rest of the cast

Devi Prasad, who played the role of Suma Bharta in the film, was impressed with her performance. More Ez appeared in him who became an actor. The characters are not much known except Zabardast Trinath. But they really held on to their roles in a way that made them feel like villagers. The performance of the actors is so natural that it seems as if secret cameras are actually being set up anywhere in the town without the feeling of watching a movie anywhere.

In technical terms

Vijay Kumar, who was responsible for the story, narration, and direction of the film, tried to impress everyone in his first attempt. Well plus cinematography for this movie. It is generally said that the Srikakulam district is a very backward area. Cinematographer Anush Kumar, however, proved through this film that the surrounding hills can also show the beauty of nature. The Keeravani background music that provided the music for the film was a great plus. Producers New Nowhere did I seem to compromise. The second part, however, feels a little more focused on the editing table in this regard.

As the Final

Anchor Suma is the first full-fledged entertaining film. Anchor Suma impressed the audience on the first try. The film will be a full-fledged family entertainer in the Srikakulam dialect. The movie is a one-time watchable movie that has made it known whether there is such a good actress in Anchor Suma.


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