Doctor Strange Movierulz - Watch Doctor Strange 2 (2022) Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightDoctor Strange Movierulz - Watch Doctor Strange 2 (2022) Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Doctor Strange Movierulz - Watch Doctor Strange 2 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3 Movierulz - Doctor Strange Ibomma - Watch Doctor Strange 2 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In Ibomma

We say it immediately, without mincing words and without frills: long life to Sam Raimi. Because Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, more than a great superhero blockbuster, even before it can be defined as a Kevin Feige production or another intriguing piece of the gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe, is above all a splendid fine comic by Sam Raimi. A film entirely by him, adhering in every fiber to the Raiminian cinema: anarchic, disconcerting, powerful. In a word, as fully fitting his intricate Multiverse, insane.

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The Multiverse is here again

On the other hand, without frills is also the narration that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness puts us in front of send, straight to the point, immediately in the heart of events since its very first sequences. An incipit that immediately clarifies the role of America Chavez, but also of a specific variant of Stephen, and in general of the evolutionary path that the new MCU film wants to put in front of its protagonist.

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That of a powerful and calculating entity, but also imperfect and fallible, which in the prologue of Multiverse of Madness has to come to terms with many of his recent actions and with certain ghosts from his past. From his role as an inglorious demiurge in the war against Thanos to his latest actions alongside Spider-Man, not forgetting the personal torments that have been going on since the first film. Scott Derrickson grip Stephen's heart: the suffering and now forbidden love for Christine, on the other hand, is at the center of the beautiful episode dedicated to Strange in What If, to which certain stylistic choices of Multiverse of Madness are understandably indebted. 

The narrative trappings inherited from the previous iterations of the Doctor in the shared universe, in short, were largely predictable and fairly expected. In addition to that of the aforementioned Chavez, the role of Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, as well as that of the Illuminati, and obviously the implications of this mysterious Multiverse of Madness remained to be clarified: a concept of which, to quote the words of Strange himself in No Way Home, "we know terribly little" and above all certain dynamics were not entirely clear.

Without climbing into awkward spoilers, we can tell you that he expected concrete answers on the future direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and on the use of the Multiverse may remain slightly dissatisfied. The truth is that Sam Raimi's film, not being particularly diluted in the minutes, chooses a different and more independent path: the impression is that the Multiverse of Madness is in any case conceived to represent the first brick of a larger mosaic, but that the extravagant nature of the project represented more than fertile ground for exploiting the authorship and creative genius of its director.

To the point that, probably, the main flaw of this Doctor Strange 2 lies precisely in the use it makes of the Multiverse and the story itself: we are faced with an extremely dense film, perhaps even too much, which does not compromise the coherence of the story but speeds it up without all the characters having the right breath. And it is precisely the case of Wanda Maximoff, to whom Elizabeth Olsen gives a performance as intense as that of WandaVision. Scarlet Witch is surprisingly central to the plot, exploited very well thanks to its charisma, but not very thorough and inexplicably regressed compared to its beautiful evolutionary path during the Westview events, and is probably the reflection of a story that would have needed more writing. concrete, however net of choral management of the various characters which remains convincing.

The Multiverse according to Sam Raimi

However, it is in the form, in the visual packaging, and in the exercise of style that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness confirms not only something never seen before but even one of the best Marvel Studios productions ever. Never as before, in fact, the commercial need of Kevin Feige fits perfectly with the creative freedom granted to Sam Raimi, who exploits the madness of the Multiverse to perfectly contaminate his style with the narrative formula of the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 is an anarchic, visionary and at times even courageous film. Because mature, violent, in some moments even splatter and surprisingly dark. He is Sam Raimi at the maximum power in mainstream work, a fine comic in which the family rules imposed by Kevin Feige and the sick recklessness of the regi coexist peacefully.

stade La Casa. A marriage that not only turned out to be happy but even balanced in his compromises. Because Raimi's vision and his horror approach to him, in certain segments of the film, end up overlapping with the trappings of consumer films, always remaining elegant, fascinating, and pop. And it is difficult to further analyze the Multiverse of Madness without necessarily going into the detail of the individual scenes, the characters used, the choice of shots, and the impeccability of certain camera movements, as well as some specific stylistic and musical choices. 

All that matters to tell is that, as has not happened for years, the identity of an author emerges in the visual framework of a great Marvel blockbuster to the point of overshadowing its narrative defects, which in any case will be properly analyzed in a long "full spoiler" reflection. An overwhelming visual magnificence combines the power and restlessness of the images with brilliant directorial ideas supported by the sumptuous musical gigantism of Danny Elfman. A memorable experience to say the least, which brings the creative and anarchic genius of Sam Raimi back to the Olympus of the great superhero blockbusters.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which the creative anarchy of an author takes over the commercial formula, without ever extinguishing it completely and - rather - meeting it. It is Sam Raimi's film in all respects, with overwhelming visual ideas and an impeccable direction, well-distributed between a surprising horror patina and a spectacular aesthetic system. The new epic of Doctor Strange, unfortunately, pays for a lot of narrative material with a script that is so coherent but too dense, which would have needed more breathing space for the evolution of some characters. But nevertheless, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is confirmed as one of the best productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, probably among the bravest and perhaps the most authorial of all.


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