Ghani Movierulz - Ghani 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightGhani Movierulz - Ghani 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Ghani Movierulz - Ghani 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz - Ghani Ibomma - Ghani 2022 Telugu Movie Review In Ibomma - Ghani FilmyZilla - Ghani 2022 Telugu Movie Review In FilmyZilla 

Ghani Movierulz - Coming from a mega family and acting in his own style, young hero Varun Tej has brought a special image to Tollywood. Although he was a bit hesitant about the choice of stories in his career starting, he chose different stories and went on with a series of successes. Another recent experiment by Varun was ‘Ghani’. The hero is going to appear on the screen for the first time as a boxer. The already released teaser and trailer received a good response and created hype for the movie. Let's see in the review how much the audience liked this movie which came out to the audience on Friday (April‌ 8) amid huge expectations.


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Movie Name Ghani
Release Date 8 April 2022
Language Telugu
Dubbed In Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
Genre sports drama
Duration 149 minutes
Budget ₹50 crore
Cast Varun Tej, Saiee Manjrekar, Jagapathi Babu, Upendra, Suniel Shetty, Naveen Chandra
Director Kiran Korrapati
Writer Kiran Korrapati
Cinematography George C. Williams
Music S. Thaman
Producer Sidhu Mudda, Allu Bobby
Production Geetha Arts
Rating 2

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‘Ghani’ story

Ghani Movierulz - ‘Ghani’ (Varun Tej) has loved boxing since childhood. ‘Ghani’ stays away from boxing due to an incident in the case of their father Vikramaditya (Upendra). This makes Ghani hate his father immensely. On the other hand, Ghani's mother (Nadia) says that she has never been a boxer in her life. Ghani, on the other hand, continues to compete in boxing without her mother's knowledge. His ambition is to remain a national champion forever. Why does the original Ghani want to be a national champion in boxing? What happened to their father? What did Ghani do after learning the real thing about his father? What was the injustice done to his father by Ishwar (Jagapati Babu)? How did Ghani reveal the true form of God? Did Ghani finally become the National Champion? Or not? That's the rest of the story.

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Ghani Movierulz - Usually, in sports‌ drama movies the story is as if a person in Zero is going to be a hero. The same point in the movie ‘Ghani ’‌. But what about the ‘Ghani’ character? What difficulties did he encounter in his journey? Director Kiran Korrapati led the story by showing the elements. Although the director's chosen point is good... he hesitates to show it on the screen. Faceoff ran everything plainly and showed the original story in the second off.

The upcoming college scenes in Fastoff did not work out as much as the mother-son sentiment. The audience is nowhere connected to their love unless the love affair with the heroine is over. Unless she created the character in the sense that the commercial movie Annaka should be a heroine... it seems that the original character is not needed for this story. The emotional scenes between mother and son are not so good. The fight scenes between Naveen Chandra and Varun are impressive.

Even though everything went very smoothly without any surprise, the interval twist is still there. The second half starts with Upendra's flashback scene. That sounds a bit interesting. After that, the whole story goes on as a routine again. The story ends with Ishwar setting up the Indian Boxing League (IBL) which was unfair to his father .. illegally earning crores of rupees in the pursuit .. Ghani stopped it. But every scene that comes here is reminiscent of films that came in the background of Storts in the past. The narrative goes on to suit the viewer’s imagination. The climax of all sports dramas is the same as in Ghani. Otherwise, the emotion seems to be missed. Taking famous actors for each character brought the film together.

Varun Tej impresses as boxer Ghani. Varun's difficulty with this role is evident on screen. He looked like a real boxer getting into the ring. Sai Manjrekair in the role of Maya did not seem to mind. Although her character is very short in length .. she acted well for as long as she could. Upendra once again showed his experience as Vikramaditya, the father of the hero. He is the character that turns the story around. Sunil Shetty did justice to the role of Ghani coach. Jagapathibabu transcended into the role of God with negative shades. Nadia as the hero's mother, Naveen Chandra as the boxer, and the rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles.

As for the technicalities, Taman‌ music is the main strength of this film. Although the songs are average .. the background music is gone. Background music plays a key role in immersing the audience in a sports drama film. George c. Williams's cinematography is good. Editor Marthand K. Venkatesh has a lot of work to do with his scissors. Most of the scenes in Fastoff had to be cut crisper. The production values ​​are in line with the cinematic level. Find out how the ‘Ghani’ punch will be at the box office this weekend.


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