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Moon Knight: The Five Moon Knight Personalities Explained

 Moon Knight has landed on Disney + showing the mental problems of its protagonist, played by Oscar Isaac. And it is that within the body of the new hero of Marvel Studios different personalities coexist but... what is their origin of them? 

 Although the new Moon Knight trailer showed how Steven Grant, Oscar Isaac's character, interacted with his other personalities, one of the questions asked by UCM fans revolves around their origin.

 Although the series explains the appearance of these multiple personalities with the dissociative disorder suffered by Steven Grant, the character of Isaac from whom the story starts, in order to better understand the other 'I's that also inhabit his mind and, in some cases, control his body you have to dive into his story in the comics. Specifically in the second issue of the seventh volume of Moon Knight, where it is revealed that his personalities are the result of his mystical link with Khonshu, who assumed full control of his mind.

 In this way, the unstable and powerful Egyptian deity introduced her four fickle aspects linked to the lunar phases: the Conqueror, the Protector, the Defender and the Watcher of the nocturnal travelers. These aspects are what caused them to materialize within the mind of Marc Spector -the character's original identity- creating the different identities assumed by the Marvel hero. 

 Mark Spector
 The original identity of Moon Knight's protagonist... at least in the comics. Marc Spector was raised by a rabbi from suburban Chicago until he became a Marine where he was expelled after the commanders discovered his psychological condition of dissociative disorder. Some time later, he ended up becoming a skilled and deadly mercenary carrying out dangerous rescue missions on the African continent. There, on one of his raids, he was ambushed by his employer, the infamous villain Raul Bushman. Left for dead in the Egyptian desert and seriously wounded, Spector managed to take refuge in the tomb of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. The deity offered to save his life and give him enormous powers in exchange for serving him faithfully. 

Millionaire and philanthropist, in the comics this personality who rubs shoulders with society's elite was the first identity to fully manifest in Marc Spector's mind, giving rise to Moon Knight's wealthy benefactor in his crusade against crime. As UCM fans who have already seen the first chapter of Moon Knight know well, in the Disney + series the character of Steven Grant is very different since he is the clerk of the gift shop of the National Gallery, the art museum's most prestigious in London. A clueless man, affable, and totally passionate about Egyptian culture. 

Another personality that nestles in the mind of the protagonist is that of Jake Locksley, a New York taxi driver. Through this identity, he is Moon Knight's eyes and ears, using his extensive network of informants to obtain especially valuable information that the vigilante cannot otherwise access. Moon Knight: The Five Moon Knight Personalities Explained Among the more prominent members of the regular informers Lockley turns to are Bertrand Crawley, Gena Landers, and her two sons, Ricky and Ray, who became very close friends with Spector.
Although it may seem the opposite, this personality is not in itself a product of Spector's dissociative disorder but is the result of his pact with the Egyptian god Khonshu. Just as through ancient magic Billy Batson becomes Shazam, Spector does the same as the Moon Knight, who increases his abilities and gifts under the influence of power granted by the deity, especially on full moon nights. 

The last and most recent of Spector's identities is that of Mr. Luna. Impeccable in appearance, this personality always wears a distinguished outfit made up of a completely white suit, gloves and a mask that matches the sign of the crescent moon and is the one who usually talks to people who require a type of help that police cannot offer them.


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