Britney Spears Pregnant: Britney Spears reveals pregnancy after being freed from Conservatorship

copyrightBritney Spears Pregnant: Britney Spears reveals pregnancy after being freed from Conservatorship

Britney Spears Pregnant: Well-known pop singer Britney Spears is about to become a mother. He has given this information on his Instagram handle. Let us tell you that the name of his partner is Sam Asghari and both of them are expecting their first child.

Britney Spears is a popular pop singer. It was just 5 months after his Conservatorship ended that he has given information about his pregnancy on social media. On Monday, April 11, Britney surprised her fans by revealing this to her. The pop singer told that apart from becoming a mother, she is also married. Let us tell you that the name of his partner is Sam Asghari. And both are expecting their first child.

Britney has also shared a long post on her Instagram handle. In this, she has told that after her vacation with Sam, she started gaining weight, after which she decided to take a pregnancy test. In his post, he wrote, 'I had lost a lot of weight before going on the trip so that I can increase it. What happened to my stomach? My husband said you are food pregnant. So I did the pregnancy test and the result came positive and it came to know that I am going to be a mother. After 4 days I became food pregnant. He started growing. It has two. Let me just take it down.'

thank you, Jesus

The singer further wrote, 'I cannot go out like this. Because paps will take photos. For this they get money. It is very difficult because when I got pregnant I went into depression. I must say this is scary. Earlier women didn't talk about it. Some people consider it dangerous if women complain that the child is inside them. Learn Now women talk about it every day. Thank you, Jesus, we can no longer bear this pain alone. Nor do they keep this thing a secret. Right now I am doing yoga every day. Spreading lots of love and happiness.

Brittany was in a discussion about the Conservatorship

Let us tell you that this is Britney's first child from Sam Asghari. But if seen, she is going to become a mother for the third time. Before this, she was in a relationship with her first husband, Kevin Federline. He had two children from him. He had alleged that during the Conservatorship, his father had forced him for birth control. After living in it for 13 years, she separated in November 2021.


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